An Inside Job – The plot to steal your future.

 If I wanted to sabotage your future, I would need to work within you to facilitate the crime. If I was your enemy, I would need full access to your thoughts, actions and every blueprint that held your dreams and the calling on your life. It would have to be an inside job, otherwise the plot to steal your future wouldn’t work. 


First, I’d rob you of your confidence, that way you’d always be second-guessing God through every step He’d ask you to take toward your destiny. I’d make sure I challenged your questions about your future and actively oppose anything that would make your voice louder and stronger. 

Next, I’d disengage your awareness of who you are in Christ. No reading your bible or praying everyday, otherwise all my work would be a wasted effort. And forget Church, you haven’t got time for that. If you truly knew who you were and what you benefit from having a relationship with Jesus you would become far too powerful and dangerous to myself and my helpers.    

Oh yes, this inside job has to be the heist of the century. Spying on you has to be a full-time job else you’ll figure out I’m just a swindler and a thief. Just to be safe, I think I’ll skim over those blueprints once more on that calling of yours. Can’t have you actually going through with it.

 This inside job and the success of it depends on your cooperation. If word gets out that I’m planning to steal your voice, the calling you have on your life and your destiny, then He will send his angels to protect you and then it’s game over. No, no, no, I have my reputation to uphold, can’t let you sniff out the scent of what I’m up to. 


I will have to make sure that those past hurts and failures are front and centre of your thoughts each day, that way your sense of hopelessness will snaffle up your calling quicker than a rat running up a drainpipe. 

An inside job takes commitment and specialised knowledge if it’s to be a success, you know. Can’t have you running around telling everyone to watch out for a con man who’s trying to steal everyone’s futures. 

Honestly, my attempt to defraud people of their destines is very time consuming and extremely exhausting. But, of course, you don’t think about me do you? Dealing and trading all day long trying to stop the voice that’s inside of you from becoming louder and more powerful. 

Once that hostile party in Heaven find out what I’m up to they’ll get you to actually feel something. They’ll awaken your senses and then my criminal activities will come to a very sticky end. My nemesis and rival will claim the victory once again. 

So, if I were you, I’d just forget about any dreams or aspirations of fulfilling that calling God put in your heart. Because if you knew how to counteract my movements, that voice that’s been building up inside of you would become unstoppable. 

Your voice would come from within you. Your voice would come from a place that I wouldn’t be able to penetrate. An inside job of His doing, that withstands anything I can throw at you. The whole plot to take you out would become a complete disaster. 

When you realise the power you have over me. When your dream and calling come from the depths of your soul and no amount of outside challenges can stop you. That’s when I will tip my hat to you and walk on by. Because when God has done an inside job on you, I cannot touch your future because it is safe in His hands.    

Wendy xo      


Wendy Parker

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  1. Chrissy Garwood
    March 27, 2019

    Thanks for the reminder )i(

    God seems to have a common theme for me at the moment – this was very similar to Sunday morning’s sermon message.

    Keep using your voice to remind us of our mission )i(

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