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You need a BIG VOICE to chase dreams

Have you ever noticed that invisible, destructive force that shows up when you step out and try to improve yourself?  It’s called the resistance, and it is made up of troops whose names are fear, uncertainty and doubt. This army of soldiers shout their orders at you and will come up against you time and time again if you don’t learn to stand your ground and stop them from taking territory that isn’t theirs to take. This is why you need a BIG VOICE to chase dreams. 


I suppose you’ve always wondered why I called my website or my Podcast, The Spacious room or my YouTube channel, Big Voice with Wendy Parker. Maybe you haven’t. Maybe you really couldn’t care less what I called my website, podcast and YouTube channel. (Geez Wendy, I don’t even have the time to think about why I chose that ridiculous name for my dog when I brought it home from the pound, let alone wondering why you named your business Big Voice). Well, may I suggest you rethink your pet’s name because Sabre Twilight Bonkers or Miro Jidoo The Kind, is a real mouthful and you’ll just get weird looks from strangers when you’re calling out your dog’s name in your local park. 

You’re welcome.   

Okay we’re getting off track here. The reason I called my Website the Big Voice is because Big Voice is a military term used to describe the loudspeaker on a military base. The Big Voice warns of everything from incoming attacks to scheduled ordnance disposal. And I believe it is my job to be that loudspeaker system and warn you from incoming attacks from Satan. His invisible, destructive force will do everything to slow you down and eventually stop you from becoming the person God made you to be. 

being ready

We need to be ready for when the invisible force of resistance invades our thoughts, creating a force field that is hard to penetrate. However, as believers we can make everything overly complicated and roll the dice to start playing the blame game. “You don’t understand that this resistance I’m facing is because…” (you fill in the blank) not realising that the friction we’re facing in the resistance can actually come from within us.

 As we wonder into the battlefield unarmed and totally unprepared for the fight, Satan will send in his hostile troops to squash any progress to our improvement. This is where the BIG VOICE comes in. The loudspeaker system that has a clear, authentic voice to help you to push on regardless of the resistance you’re facing. 

big voice

As I’ve stepped out into the unknown in my own life, I’ve come up against lots of resistance. And you know what, it’s mainly from within me. Fear, uncertainty and doubt have crept into my thinking and before I know what’s happening, I’ve let the enemy tell me that everything has to be perfect before I can step forward and make a move on the dream God placed in my heart.

Stand your ground because the enemy will try and take territory that isn’t his to take. Maybe like me, you’ve fought consistently over many years to stop listening to the wrong voices and to gain ground again in your calling and in your dream by listening to the right voice. 

It’s time to block those negative voices in your life and protect that dream God placed in your heart by listening to the ONE voice that is true and tested, because you’ll need a BIG VOICE to chase those dreams.    

Wendy xo 


Wendy Parker

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  1. Juwon Adeboje
    July 29, 2020

    You are the inspiration, i have been looking for.

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