Why Jesus?

Why Jesus  –  A Poem

“Why Jesus, when my life just seems so perfect,

Where there is no shadow of darkness, angst or grief?

Why Jesus, when I’m strong and he is weakness,

Go find someone else who will listen to your belief.”


The gentleman tipped his hat and said, “I’m sorry,

I really wasn’t trying to offend.

But your eyes they told me a different story,

One of brokenness that only Jesus wants to mend.


“How can you say you see into my sadness?

I’ve told no one of my dark and calloused soul.

Preacher, my eyes don’t tell a different story,

You can’t just peer into them as though there was a hole.”


“I can see my word’s have caused you some discomfort,

Like a wound that has been opened by a knife.

But this is just the start of your redemption,

Won’t you take the gift that is eternal life?”


“Why Jesus, is the hope that is eternal,

His precious blood was shed to proclaim your liberty.

The empty cross and empty grave, left by a man who came to save,

A deliverer who has set the captives free.”


Could it be me that Jesus came to save and rescue?

Has he reached down into my hurting, empty place?

Is he able to breathe life back into my spirit,

With his abundant, renewing, redeeming grace?


The gentleman nodded his approval,

And wiped a tear that had escaped from smiling eyes.

“Today is the day of your Salvation.”

And he tipped his hat and left after we had said our last goodbyes.


In the moments that followed was when I saw it,

A small cross that he’d left there for me to see,

With the words, Why Jesus came to you today,

Was so your aching soul would truly be set free.


Wendy xo


Wendy Parker

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