Unshaken And Unshakable.

As I held the hand of my prayer warrior friend, we quietly shared about our intercessory, motherly prayers for our children. Two women, a few decades apart in age want the same thing for their family, for them to experience the fullness of God. And as her wrinkled and worn hand wrapped tightly around mine as we talked, she said she would pray for my family as I promised I would pray for hers, and I sensed a strength in her that was unshaken and unshakable. A faith that was firm and resilient, still willing to rise regardless of circumstances.  

Two mothers wholehearted prayers poured out to God with their whole hearts. (Jeremiah 24:7) Faithful prayers are the great faithfulness of God who is our comforter amidst our troubles. The fact that my friend is in palliative care doesn’t diminish her devotion to God. It doesn’t cause her faith to waver or flinch. She shows me her notebook and tells me of the song she’s trying to write as the white bed sheets covering her resemble a bride waiting for her Bridegroom to come with either a miracle we pray for or an invitation to take her to her heavenly home. 

Watching he carry herself with so much grace and dignity as she takes each step along a difficult journey was helping my faith to be stirred and to rise as I saw the same hope in her eyes that the Apostle Paul describes in 2 Corinthians 1:7, a hope that stands firm, unshaken and unshakable. A faithful woman whose life was telling me a story of how good God truly is. 

All our lives tell a story to pass on to future generations. Remembering what God has brought you through, all the trials and struggles, all the amazing answers to prayers and each miracle are important in developing an unshakable faith when things become a little shaky. This is why God told Joshua to instruct twelve men from each tribe to take stones from the middle of the Jordan river. ‘Summon the twelve men you choose from the people, one representing each tribe, and tell them to take twelve stones from the middle of the Jordan river where the priests stand with covenant chest. Tell them to carry these stones this day, and when the people make camp tonight, to lay them down.’ (Joshua 4:2-3)   

Psalm 78 also recaps the story of how God did miraculous things as the children of Israel made their way out of Egypt and toward the Promised Land. ‘He split the seas and made them a pass through it; He made the waters rise, forming a wall of water. Every day He led them with a cloud; every night, with a fiery light. He cracked open rocks in the wilderness and provided them with all the water they needed, as plentiful as the depths of the ocean’ (Psalm 78:13-15) 

As Mother’s Day approaches this Sunday, I do hope you have some strong, resilient women surrounding you whose lives show an unshaken and unshakable faith. Prayer warriors that stand on battlefields, with wrinkled and worn hands raised toward heaven, with a faith that is firm and resilient. Women who intercede for the next generation, are still willing to rise up in their faith and face the challenges regardless of their circumstances. And even if you don’t know any faith-filled women, find a couple or even one woman whose life has built a stack of remembering stones to the faithfulness of God. A woman who can speak life and encouragement to your soul and help you to smile at the future as you glean from her unshaken and unshakable faith.  

Wendy xo  

Do you know any women who have an unshaken and unshakable faith regardless of their circumstances? This Mother’s day, treasure her and let her know how loved and precious she is! 


Wendy Parker

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  1. Chrissy Garwood
    August 29, 2022

    “A stack of remembering stones” is my takeaway from today. I’m going from my morning session online to dust and polish the mementos that I’ve collected over the years. Each one is a reminder that I’m connected to other people, a reminder to pray. Thanks for the reminder )i(

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