Two sizes too small – Lead a big-hearted life

Have you ever met someone who seems as though they have a heart two sizes too small? They will make sure you know about their narrow-minded view of the world and how being kind and generous is for suckers. If you hang around with a person who’s heart is two sizes too small, you may find yours starts to shrink too, and you will become as miserable as they are.

I watched the Grinch movie the other day. The reason he hated Christmas and every Who in Whoville, was because his heart was two sizes too small. And like the Grinch, if we’re not careful we too can let our brokenness from our past determine how big our heart will grow this Christmas.

We need to learn to live big-hearted lives because the enemy would love nothing more than our hearts to stay small. Small hearts have no room to love on people. A heart that’s two sizes too small cannot possibly be kind and generous. It barely has enough room to cope with its own issues, without inviting other people in.   

Our daily prayer needs to be that our hearts enlarge in the capacity to love others just as Jesus did. 

To just love on people right where they’re at, takes a big-hearted life. A big heart that can help others to enlarge theirs. 

In Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, he reminds them to live a wide-open, spacious life. He tells them that the smallness comes from within them. 2 Corinthians 11-13 (MSG)

Our hearts weren’t meant to be two sizes too small because when your heart’s small, so is your thinking. And when your thinking is small, you start to live in a small.

So, this Christmas season why not do something outrageous and crazy? Go love on someone. I can guarantee you will feel your heart start to grow three sizes bigger! 


Wendy xo






Wendy Parker

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