Three things that require ZERO talent

Need some motivation today? Well, I’m going to show you three things you can achieve right now which require absolutely ZERO talent. Zip, nowt, narder. Yep, that’s right, no need to be worried if you feel you don’t have what it takes to do what I’m gonna teach you today because it requires *spoiler alert* ZERO talent! So, keep reading this post and see what all the hoopla is about… 

matthew 6:11

#1 thing that requires zero talent  – READING YOUR BIBLE 

I’m hearing your excuses already. I don’t have time, I don’t read, I don’t like books. Like I said before, this requires ZERO TALENT because you don’t need to read massive chunks of scripture each day. Start with a verse and let it sink into your soul. “Give us each day that day’s bread, no more, no less.” Matthew 6:11, The Voice Bible.

 Meditate on the verse you decide to read and ask God what He’s trying to teach you. Maybe He just wants to encourage you or show you something that you’ve missed. And if you don’t like reading, get an audio Bible. They are a great way of listening to scripture if you prefer to do it that way. Unless we get into the Word and store up a well of scriptures, we can’t draw from it when we need them. I have found that when I’m in different seasons of my life, a scripture pops into my head and helps me through what I’m going through or the verse I remember helps someone else. 

#2 thing that requires zero talent – PRAYING 

Again, I can hear those excuses. I don’t know how to pray. I don’t know what to say. I’m not as eloquent and poetic as Mrs Brown when I pray. Plus, I don’t know big, long prayer words like Mr Smith because when he prays I need a thesaurus to know what each word means. Revelation – you need ZERO TALENT to pray! 

Just talk to God like you’d chat with a friend. Tell him what you’re struggling with right now. Talk to Him about the worries and doubt’s you have. Praise Him and tell God how thankful you are for all the blessings in your life, all the people in your world and all the things He’s going to do to help you to step into everything He’s got for you. “When you pray, go into a private room, close the door, and pray unseen to your Father who is unseen.” Matthew 6:6, The Voice Bible.  

FYI you can be rocking it right now in your prayer life because God is waiting to talk with you. He wants to hear your voice. God wants to hear raw, authentic, passionate and honest prayers. Silent prayers are great too because God isn’t hard of hearing. He can hear silent prayers too. He can feel those whispered prayers and the wet prayers when all you can do is cry. Praying is that simple! 

#3 thing that requires ZERO talent – HELPING PEOPLE

I have news for you, my friend. You need absolutely ZERO TALENT when it comes to helping people. I found a motivational quote the other day. It said, “There is no traffic on the extra mile.” Simply helping someone else requires zero talent because you just need to show compassion and kindness. These two things don’t cost a thing. The free gift of going the extra mile makes the other person feel valued and special. “It would be like seeing a brother or sister without any clothes out in the cold and begging for food, and saying, “Shalom, friend, you should get inside where it’s warm and eat something” but doing nothing about his needs – leaving him cold and alone on the street. What good would your words alone do?” James 2:15-16, The Voice Bible. 

 You’re announcing to people that they matter when you help them. You are reminding them that someone sees them. The beauty of reading your Bible and praying motivates you to go and help other people. The delightful aspect of God’s nature is a strong compassion towards the outcast, the lost and the lonely. His gigantic love lavishly wraps around people which brings breakthrough into their life, and you, my dear friend can be just a small part of what God wants to do in other people’s lives. Remember, there is no traffic when you go that extra mile! 

So, here’s the challenge peeps. Start with maybe one of these three things that require ZERO TALENT and build up to the three we’ve discussed.  Give it a go and watch God work in your life. You’ll be nailing it like a boss by the end of the week! 

Ready to give one or all three of these things a crack? 

Challenge accepted!  

Wendy xo 

Which area do you struggle with in your daily walk with God, thinking you needed heaps of talent to do?


Wendy Parker

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