The Turning Point

Have you ever had an “aha” moment when you look back and remember that it wasn’t necessarily always the big, grand decisions you made that led to where you are now, but the small decisions, the ones you intentionally, deliberately, and wilfully made every day that brought the greatest gain and changed the narrative of your story? We all have turning points scattered throughout our lives, intersections that shape our journey. But what if I told you there was a crossroads, a turning point you could come to every day that has the power to change the narrative of your story forever. 

My turning point came when I found my faith was at a crossroads a few years ago. Sure, I was going through the motions in my faith walk, but my unproductive and lacklustre prayers felt as though they were bouncing back off the ceiling and into my lap. Flipping from page to page in my Bible, trying to find something, anything that would jump out and speak to me, a word, or thought I could listen in on so it silenced the villain’s voice that had been dictating and narrating my story up until that point. 

I was missing something in my faith, and I needed a reminder, something that would bring my heart back to remembering instead of just going through the motions in my faith. I had not spent much quality time with Jesus, causing me to lose my connection, my relationship of knowing who He was. My busyness had gotten in the way of my intimacy with Him, and I found myself standing at a crossroads. 

Something needed to change. I needed a turning point in my faith.

My friend gave me a book called, The Power of Communion: Accessing miracles through the body and power of Jesus written by Beni Johnson. After reading that book, I was changed because I suddenly realised that the villain in my story had made sure that my knowledge of what communion meant and the power that I could access had been largely untapped up until now.

My enemy had made sure that communion would just be confined and limited to something I did in church. At the crossroads, Jesus was making me an offer. He was asking me to come on an adventure with Him which involved letting go of the mindset that communion was just a practice, an observance, a procedure that we do in our faith every few weeks.  

This was my turning point. The crossroads I found myself standing at was helping me to remember that there was a cross in the road I had missed up until now. A remembering that I had forgotten. A path that had been obscured and covered over by the villain in my story. I started to take communion every day. It was hard at first, however, over time it became a habit, a moment in my morning where I positioned myself at the foot of the cross and remembered once again the power that was found in communion. It’s been a few years now since I started taking communion each and every day and I have seen miracles, healings, and strength in my faith that I’ve been able to tap into to help me through my times of struggles.

Re-connection comes when we take communion, our relationship with Jesus is rediscovered in the power we hold in our hands. When you find your faith is at a crossroads, the villain doesn’t want you to remember the cross in the road because when you do, he’ll be running scared. After all, you’ve remembered the sacrifice at the cross that rendered him defeated. Communion means you’ve woken up to your condition and you’ve realised that there is so much more unlocked potential in your faith journey. 

Jesus intentionally, deliberately, wilfully took Himself to the cross so the narration of our stories would be changed forever. He carried that cross along the Golgotha road so that it would lead us to a crossroads of our own. A cross in the road that becomes our turning point.

When we realise that communion is so much more, it calls to us, beckoning for us to commune with Jesus each and every day. And when we intentionally, deliberately, and wilfully allow Jesus to narrate our story every day by taking time to take communion, instead of letting the villain narrate fear, anxiety or worry into our stories, we will unlock something that was kept hidden from us before we came to the crossroads, the cross in the road, the turning point in our faith. 

‘Taking the cup, he blessed it, then said, “Take this and pass it among you. As for me, I’ll not drink wine again until the kingdom of God arrives.” Taking the bread, he blessed it, broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body, given for you. Eat it in my memory.” He did the same with the cup after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant written in my blood, blood poured out for you.” Luke 22:17-20 The Message.  

Remembering is the turning point.

Perhaps, convenient Christianity is all you’ve ever known and you’re just not that confident in leaving the land of familiar territory? However, deep down inside you want adventure and, like me, you’ve come to a crossroads in your faith journey, a turning point for you to discover the power found in communion, a cross in the road that you somehow missed before.

The important thing is to be consistent with communion taking until it becomes a daily habit so that the villain cannot start narrating your story again. It’s about taking the time to build a covenant relationship with Jesus. The crossroads you’re at is Jesus showing you that there is a cross in the road that can lead you to the adventure your faith has longed for. A turning point where you intentionally, deliberately, and wilfully commune with Jesus each and every day.  

Unlocking the power that is found in communion takes more than good intentions, it takes intentional, purposeful steps if you want to see positive changes in your life. The crossroads you’re at is Jesus calling your name, helping you to remember the cross in the road, the turning point that leads you back to Him. 

Because He remembered us first, why wouldn’t we remember Him?

Wendy xo 

Have you come to a crossroads in your faith, a turning point? 

I encourage you to pray this prayer.

Thank you, Jesus, for what you did for me on the cross, I ask firstly, for you to forgive me. Forgive my wayward heart, my lack of trust and letting my fears overcrowd Your truth. Help me to keep consistently showing up at this time we have together. I want to enter into a new covenant with You, just like You did with Your disciples in The Last Supper. I want to experience the power found in communion, but mostly, I want to have a deeper relationship with You, Jesus. Please can You help me to change how I see Communion? Help me to know You in a more personal way and show me how deep, high, and wide Your everlasting love is for me. In Jesus’s name, Amen.  


Wendy Parker

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