The Narrow Path

As I walked along the narrow path

With my dog, Rose

I saw a lady ahead of me

It was early morning

So, not many people about

(Only locals use the narrow path at ungodly hours!)

After stopping for a #selfie with my dog

Yeah, I know

As soon as I get my iPhone out

She goes all “celebrity” on me

Wishing I’d just stop trying to take a picture of her

I’m sure she thinks when I press the button

She’s going to get sucked into another dimension



The lady began to get confused as to why the narrow path ended

Now here’s the thing

The narrow path stops when you reach a road

And continues the other side

It does this over a few roads

So, all you do is cross the wide road and continue along the narrow path

The lady asked a gentleman where the narrow path was

And thankfully, he pointed her in the right direction

When I knew, Rose had had enough walking for the day

And I knew my stomach needed a large Latte and a Danish pastry at the local patisserie

(C’mon, let’s be honest here, people!)

I passed the lady and we greeted one another with a friendly, “Hello”

Later, while sipping my large Latte, I thought about the lady on the narrow path

And I pondered…

What if that gentleman didn’t help her out and point her in the right direction?

She would have missed out on so much

I pondered some more…


Thought about the narrow gate in Matthew 7:13-14

Which leads to life

But only a few find it

Why is that?

Why is the narrow way so hard to find?

Because the ones who seek out the narrow path

Know repentance and have surrendered their heart

They know how hard it is to lay down personal ambition and selfish desires

They’ve come to realise

That Jesus IS the narrow gate

And you only get to Heaven through Him

Finding the wide road takes absolutely no effort at all

You just follow everyone else

And they’ll tell you that

They tried it once


The narrow way is too restricting

Too rigid

And too hard

Life is too short to live like that

And that’s the point

Life is too short

Yes, the narrow path is hard to walk at times

And it’s hard to face up to the fact that you need a Saviour

But trading in your old self and accepting a new life in Christ

Will be so worth it in the end

John 14:2 tells us that

In His Father’s house are many mansions

I hope when I get to Heaven

Your mansion is next to mine



Wendy xo






Wendy Parker

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