The Invitation

Why do we send people invitations? Within every invitation, there is a sense of feeling valued, of being included. But I feel that the root of each invitation is that the person who is doing the inviting needs you to experience something with them. They don’t want you to miss out on something that they know you are going to love being a part of, and they want to include you into the memories that will be made. 

I believe that the exchange of the invitation from one hand to the other connects us all on a much deeper level than the invite itself. However, the invitation is a two-way street. You can be invited to every special occasion, and every intimate moment forever and a day, but unless you accept the invitation the connection is denied. 

In Luke chapter 14 Jesus tells a parable of the invitation. “There was a man who invited many to join him in a great feast. When the day for the feast arrived, the host instructed his servant to notify all the invited guests and tell them, “Come, for everything is now ready for you!” But one by one they all made excuses. One said, ‘I can’t come. I just brought some property and I’m obligated to go and look it over.’ Another said, ‘Please accept my regrets, for I just purchased five teams of oxen and I need to make sure they can pull the plow.’ Another one said, ‘I can’t come because I just got married’… “I say to you all, the one who receives an invitation to feast with me and makes excuses will never enjoy my banquet.” 

Each excuse revealed something within the person refusing the invitation. Maybe it was a fearful heart that was scared of an adventure. Maybe it was a heart that chose to stay hidden because past invitations had only led to heartache. Or maybe it was a wounded heart, one that couldn’t bear to let another arrow of disappointment piece its soul again. Whatever the reasons for their excuses to not attend the banquet one thing is for sure, it robbed them of an experience that would be lost forever. Don’t let this happen to you, dear friend. Take hold of the outstretched hand that is offering you an invitation to the banquet. 

Perhaps, like the guests in the parable, you too have a fearful heart, or a hidden heart, or even a badly wounded heart. You renounced the invitations that have come from the Father by making excuses as to why you cannot attend the banquet, He has prepared for you, dear friend. There is something so powerful that is wrapped around each invitation that is handed to us. Each one is a sweet reminder that someone cares about you and wants you to experience something with them. 

I felt compelled to give you three invitations, dear friend, within this post. I do hope and pray that whichever one touches your soul the most, know that it not an invitation from myself. I am just the messenger, the deliverer of good news, the herald who has written down what God placed upon my heart for you. These invitations are to let the redeeming blood of Jesus was over your misunderstood and rejected places and accept His invitation towards freedom.

The Invitations 


There it stands in the midst of the battle, the fearful heart. 

You doubt whether you actually have what it takes. 

Whether you can do the things I have called you to do. 

You hide behind your fearful heart because it feels safe and secure there. 

I know you want to please Me, but you do not please Me by playing-it-safe.

 I know how much you long for adventure. 

You’re fed up with living a nice life, a safe life. 

Fear grips your heart when I ask you to give Me complete control over your life.

 I encourage you to read the stories in the Bible.

Remember the Israelites who were caught between the Red Sea and Pharaoh’s army?

Did I not show up?

Did not My love come through time and time again for My people? 

I Am Captain of The Angel Armies, The Lord of Hosts! I have what it takes to help you do the things I have asked of you. 

I will stand with you on the battleground. There is no one like Me! 

I want your fearful heart to become a courageous heart once again. A heart that is like Mine. Fierce, wild, and passionate! 

Let’s share the adventure together. Perfect love casts out all fear (1 John 4:18) 

I know you long for more. 

Come, take My great and mighty hand and I will show you places you have only ever dreamed of. 

Love God. 


There it hides in the shadows, longing to be romanced again, longing to know if it is worth pursuing. 

You have hidden your heart for reasons I understand.

Reasons that you feel have protected you over the years.

But now my love, open your eyes and see the dazzling splendour of My wonderful creation. 

The bright stars on a crisp, clear night.

They are twinkling and glistening for you to enjoy.

Feel the sand between your toes on a warm, balmy summer’s afternoon, as you breathe in the smell of My vast, majestic ocean. 

Every song that you love, every memory you cherish, this is My way of wooing you back to Me, my precious one. 

Can you hear Me calling your name? 

I am you Bridegroom (Matthew 9:15)

Take off the religious drapery from around your hidden heart and come back to your first love.

I want to have an intimate relationship with you.

Let Me romance your heart once again.

Allow the ache of your hidden heart to be healed by Me and let my love flow from your life.

I want to share your days with you.

I want to be in your decisions, your desires, and even your disappointments.

I want the same thing as your heart does. To be loved once again.

I am captivated by you. 

Let Me see your face. Let Me hear your voice (Song of Solomon 2:14) 

I am inviting you to take off the veil from around your hidden heart. 

Draw near to Me, oh precious one.

I am waiting.

Love God.          


There it lies. Bleeding and pierced with the wounds that have left it broken. 

Shattered from loss, abuse, rejection, and betrayal. 

You tell yourself to keep up the good appearance. To keep it all together and swallow your tears. 

Some of the pain is driven by fear. Fear that if you start to open up to Me, you will be consumed by your sorrow. You won’t be. I will not allow it. 

Tears are a part of the healing process. 

Grief is a form of validation. It says that the wound mattered. 

I understand. I am here for you. 

But now, you must invite Me in. I will not force My way into your heart. I come by invitation only.

You have shut the door to your heart and thrown away the key. 

However, I Am at the door, knocking, and if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in. (Revelation 3:20) 

Your wounding has brought messages on the tips of the arrowheads that have pierced your heart. 

They say, “You’re a disappointment” “You’re not good enough” “You’re worthless” 

Your heart has believed these messages. But the truth is, they are all lies. Lies from the enemy who doesn’t want you to know how much I long to heal those wounds. 

Open your heart to Me and let the tears come. 

Get alone with Me, your Saviour, and your friend, and let the tears come. 

Love God.   

Out of the three hearts, which one resinates the most within you?

Wendy xo 

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Wendy Parker

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