That shrinking feeling…

Every day when my daughter comes home from school

I always ask her how her day went

Possible answers are




You know, the normal ‘one word’ teenager responses

If I’m lucky

But on this day, she was smiling

She had blitzed her Maths test

Like a merchine…

Of course, her friends were excited for her

Just like me, right?


They asked her if she’d cheated


“You’re not good at Maths”

They said that the mark she received, “can’t be right”

In other words

“Get back in your box, where you belong”


When someone else’s insecurities over shadow our successes

We feel we need to pull back

Minimising our response

So, they feel better

The fact that you’ve achieved something that is so wonderful

Must stay hidden

You’d better close that lid on the box they built for you

And stay inside it

Otherwise you’ll be getting all sorts of crazy ideas

And, heaven forbid

Be bigger than they are

So, stop it

Shrink yourself down to a more ‘pleasing’ size

Else you’ll be paying the price


This is where you need to choose

Do you let their insecurities stop you from growing?

Or do you shake the dust from your feet

And move on?

Unfortunaly, not everyone will be cheering you on in this life

Only the ones who truly love you

Will be celebrating your progress

God has big plans for you, my friend

And if God is for you, then who can be against you?

He doesn’t want you shrinking yourself down

Just so you can fit into other people’s expectations

Your purpose is way too important for that!

God is always calling you to climb higher up the mountain

Because He knows that’s where the eagles live

You need to rise above the naysayers

And break out of that box they’ve tried to put you in

Life is too short

And your calling is too important

You’re not the person you were yesterday

Or the day before that


It’s time to put an end

To that shrinking feeling

And start living outside that box!


Wendy xo














Wendy Parker

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