Ten thousand reasons… The temptation to quit when it’s too hard

Exhaustion had well and truly kicked in

At the writer’s conference

I’d just recently attended

Socialising for three days straight

And realising that I have so much more to learn

Gave me ten thousand reasons

To go to my room

And hide.


…I mean, recharge



Most of the authors I spoke with

All had a moment where

The temptation to quit when it feels too hard

Was a very real possibility

Frankly, what sane person

Sits with a publisher

And watches them rip your work to shreds

Like a Pitbull on speed?

Then give it you back, saying

“Was I horrible enough?”

Excuse me?

Were you horrible enough?

Lady, Tom Cruise could not have put in a finer performance at slicing and dicing

My manuscript

If it was in the final scene

Of the movie

The Last Samurai

…And breathe

After that little incident

I most definitely

Had ten thousand reasons

To quit


But then I smiled

And thought about all the nice, kind people

Whom God sent my way

The beautiful ones who told me not to give in to the

Temptation to quit when it’s too hard

To rise and keep going

Because it gets better

And to trust God.

On reflection

I thought about Jesus dying

On that lonely cross

At Calvary

He had ten thousand reasons

To quit

But He had only one reason to stay


So, who am I to tell God

That I want to quit

Because it’s all too hard?

Ten thousand reasons

To tell you

On why

I would quit writing tomorrow?

Sure, pull up a chair

I’ll pop the kettle on

But there’s only one reason

That keeps me going…



Wendy xo













Wendy Parker

Comments (3)

  1. Joshua Kevyn Moore
    November 1, 2017

    Wendy when life gets hard we want, to hideaway No!! This is how you connect with so many people and do such a good Job at it, Connectiong with People as my friend Geoff Says is Critical, this is how you Touch other people by sharing about yourself, and affectively touching other people’s lives… keep that in mind Wendy my friend.

    • Wendy Parker
      November 3, 2017

      Great words of encouragement Josh! Thanks =)

      • Joshua Moore
        November 3, 2017

        Wendy You are most welcome my dear friend anytime


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