Stale Bread – Making a meal out of yesterday’s crumbs

“I’m hungry”

Is a statement used fairly regularly in our home

Honestly, if there aren’t 10 packets of biscuits in the tin

Bags and bags of potato chips that could feed a small army

And enough cordial to fill a swimming pool

There is “nothing to eat in the cupboard, mum”

“Make a sandwich” is my go-to response

But most likely

The only bread left

Is stale bread

That at first glance

Could be mistaken for a stack of cardboard squares

In a bread bag


Don’t you find, though

That we can have a spiritual hunger sometimes

And complain to God in our search for food

Letting Him know that there’s “nothing to eat in the cupboard of our souls”

We become moody and despondent

Hoping God will fix the problem

By sending manna down from heaven

But like the Israelites in Exodus chapter 16

We need to learn that the manna we receive

Isn’t going to last

And within 24 hours it quickly becomes stale

We need to stop eating the stale bread

Of yesterday’s worship

Stop making a meal out of the crumbs of yesterday’s prayers

And learn to receive the fresh bread of life every day

By soaking in God’s presence

Making a meal out of yesterday’s crumbs

Isn’t going to satisfy you

Not when you’re spiritually hungry

Jesus said in John 6:35

“I am the bread that gives you life. If you come to my table and eat, you will never go hungry.”


No more stale bread

But we must come to the table and eat

And satisfy that gnawing hunger

That only God can fill

I don’t know about you

But I am tired of eating

The dried up stale bread

Of my comfort zone

And making a meal out of the crumbs

Of yesterday’s encounter


Some place

Long ago


If you’ve read this far down my blog

I’m guessing you want the same thing

A fresh encounter with the presence of God

And the only way is to

“Come to the table and eat”

Meaning, spending time alone with God

Reading His Word


Jesus promises

“You’ll never go hungry”

I don’t know about you

But that sounds pretty darn good to me!


Wendy xo











Wendy Parker

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