Stable Promise – Giving birth to your dream in 2019

So, you have a dream and it’s been growing inside of you for a while now. But, as 2018 draws to a close, you’re wondering when the promise God placed inside of you will ever get birthed? You think that God has forgotten all about you, and now you’re waddling around so “pregnant” with your promise that people are asking if you’re still doing that “thing” God said would happen. 


Well, don’t panic because you are in good company. Luke 1:30 reminds us that the messenger from heaven told Mary she had found favour with God and was going to become pregnant with a Son. Mary asks, “How can this be possible?” Considering that she had never been with a man? The angel tells Mary that the Holy Spirit would come upon her and she would indeed give birth. 

After hearing that she was “chosen” and was going to give birth to a King, her mind would have probably gone wild. Palaces, fine clothes, riches beyond her dreams. She was going to be the mother of a King! 

But, just before she was about to give birth to her promise, her dream of a favoured life took an abrupt turn and she ended up giving birth to her baby in a dirty stable, surrounded by smelly animals instead of a palace surrounded by admirers.  


Have you ever felt like that? You’ve been waiting for your promise that God has given you, and you’ve planned in your mind that for it to “come to pass” there has to be the right situation, environment and setting for you to finally give birth to it?

 You feel that unless the planets aline, the wind is blowing in the right direction and you have the cutest outfit on with matching shoes, your “God promise” won’t happen?

Like Mary, you may give birth to your promise in a stable. You’ve watched your promise grow day by day inside of you and you’ve dared to dream big, only to discover that God’s plan all along for you was to give birth to your promise among the dirt and the straw. 

But, let me remind you dear friend, you’ve come this far in your promise, so don’t you give up now. 

I know that it feels like a smack in the face when your thoughts of how it’s all going to pan out are completely different to God’s thoughts on how you’re going to “give birth” to the promise He placed inside of you.

But God’s ways are so much better than ours. His thoughts are higher and more far reaching than our imagination can fathom. 

The promise, whatever it is, is never about you or me. It’s about others. And when I’m feeling like I’m going to burst unless I “give birth” to my promise God gave to me 30 years ago, (yep, you read that right.) When I’m frustrated and upset because it’s not happening quick enough, I am reminded that God needs my character to grow too, along side my promise. The responsibility of your dream is just as important as the dream itself. 

God’s promises require discipline and personal responsibility. There is no room at the Inn for making a name for yourself or personal accomplishment when you’ve been given a stable promise. 

Discover how good God is in your 2019 and let this be the year you give birth to your stable promise! 

Wendy xo  


Wendy Parker

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