Well, darn tootin!

You have reached the end of my PROMISE. PASSION. PREPARE. POWER series


This week is all about the POWER

My friend, you have already become a superhero in my eyes

Through reading this series

That has equipped you for the journey towards your promise

Hopefully, in so many ways

I trust that this series has been helpful to you

If it has, it would be soooo good if could share something that helped you

Just type something nice in the comment box below  =)

And tell me how far you are on your journey towards your promise/dream

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Too easy mate!

So you want  POWER?

Which can help you see your PROMISE come to pass

So, here’s 3 little nuggets to crank up the POWER on your promise


Have you ever encountered people who “talk up” their own power?


After just 10 minutes of being around them

You’ve rolled your eyes and sighed inwardly

So many times, you feel like you’ve just completed a cardio workout?

1 Corinthians 4: 18-20 warns us about such people

‘I know there are some among you who are so full of themselves they never listen to anyone…God’s Way is not a matter of mere talk; it’s an empowered life.’ (The Message Bible)

An empowered life means, a life that relies on the Holy Spirit

If we’re gonna talk the talk, then we have to walk the walk

We need to listen to the Holy Spirit

Because He guides us back on to the right path

Over the years, I’ve seen people who have had a great calling on their lives

They started off well, but as soon as they did things in their OWN strength

The promise started to unravel

The heady heights of believing in their own power became toxic to their calling

We need to constantly draw on the Holy Spirit and put God first

This is key to your promise


2 Timothy 1:7 reminds us, ‘For God gave us a Spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.’

Whenever you feel the tentacles of fear grip around you

As you start taking those steps toward your promise

Know that it’s not from God

The devil uses fear to disable you to the point of in-action

Which suits him just fine

If he can get you to believe that you’re totally out of your depth

You’ll quit

Just read powerful Scriptures like, Isaiah 40:29-31 out loud

‘…But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall walk and not faint.’

Not fear – POWER!



Obedience equals power

Promises don’t happen unless you are obedient

Otherwise, you’re doing it in your own strength without the Holy Spirit’s power

Think about Abraham for a moment, walking his son, Isaac to that altar

Do you think he wanted to sacrifice his own son?

Heck no!

What about Joseph sitting in prison, waiting for his promise to happen

Do you think he wanted to interpret Pharaoh’s dream, after he’d been left to rot in a dungeon for 13 years?

Are you kidding me?!

And Noah, ridiculed for almost 120 years because he built a boat – in the desert

Do you think he wanted to hear people’s taunts, day after day after day?

Find someone else, God, I’m done

Moses hadn’t set foot in Egypt for 40 years. He’d ran away trying to leave his past behind him

Do you think he wanted to go back to Egypt and make Pharaoh give up his slave workers?

Not a chance

God asked each of these Bible heroes to do something

Something really, really difficult

But this is where the “rubber hits the road” 

Even though it was super hard

They did what was asked because they saw the importance of being obedient

It’s only in your obedience that the POWER for your promise comes


Plain and simple

And when you fear the Lord more than you fear man

Boy, you’ll be powered up and ready

To reach that promise!


Wendy xo






Wendy Parker

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