Well here we are


Week 1 of my PROMISE. PASSION. PREPARE. POWER. 4-week series

We’ll kick things off with some lessons about your promise

And how powerful it truly is

You know, that promise God gave to you

Way, waaayyy, back?

The promise that, well, had so much – promise?

And you’re now wondering

If you’re going to die of old age before it’s realised?

…Yeah, that PROMISE


If you don’t think your promise is powerful

Then you’re in good company

Look at, Abraham, Joseph, Noah and Moses

They probably didn’t even comprehend how powerful their promises were

And, just like you, they probably had their moments of asking God

“When will I see my promise fulfilled? Someday? One day? If ever?” 

You know – those moments of gut-wrenching agony

When you think you’re never going to see your promise come true


I had a promise given to me when I was 15 years old

That God had His hand on me for Leadership

And He had some special and exciting things in store for me

A big responsibility, right?

A huge promise, yes?

To be honest, it totally scared the pants off me

As I think back to that snivelling teenager on the back row of our Church

(Yep, that was me. Total rebel)

I have often wondered, did God get it right?

Like me, maybe you’ve seen glimpses of the promise on your life

But even after years of waiting, you’ve yet to see the complete fulfilment of it


At the time of my promise being told to me

My Mum was into recording sermons

No, she didn’t serve on the Multimedia desk

Multi – WHAT!?!

There was no such thing back in the 1980’s, at least not in our Church

She just pressed the record button on my Dad’s cassette tape recorder

And recorded anything that was said by the preacher

The sound quality wasn’t that great

Because when we played back the tape

We’d hear every cough, chair move and fidget that went on during the sermon

(Move over Apple Genius Bar we’re dealing with some pretty high-tech stuff here)

But here’s the thing

She re- listened to my promise that the preacher delivered from God

And wrote it down

‘Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run.’ Habakkuk 2:2

I am so grateful my Mum had that forward thinking

Because I have read and re-read that promise God gave to me all the time

In fact, I’ve literally stood on my promise!

Now, years later

After many de-tours, obstacles and wrong turns (I think)

I’m starting to see parts of my promise come to pass

You need to understand that the important thing is this:

That it’s really not about the promise, it’s about wanting to know the Promise-Giver more than the promise itself

Until you trust God completely

You won’t take the risks that will get you to your promise

God asked me once, “Do you trust Me?”

To which I replied, “Er, not sure, dunno, maybe not – no.”

Well played God, well played

You’ve got me there

Trust is a massive part of seeing your promise come to pass

So, no matter how long it takes

Keep your promise at the forefront of your mind

Stand on it

And above all else

Trust the Promise- Giver

Because His Word NEVER comes back to Him empty

Trust God that your promise will be fulfilled!

Wendy xo

So, what about you? Has God given you a promise? If so, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to comment in the box below   

And, be sure you don’t miss next week’s post   Week 2 –  PASSION

See you there!









Wendy Parker

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