Prepare 4 Warfare Week Four – Schemes & Scallywags

I can hardly believe it

We are already on Week Four

The final week of my Prepare 4 Warfare series

You now have walls, gates and a covering

And I’m sure you are kicking the devil’s butt, like a boss!

So, to finish off this series

We seriously need to pull all of this together

I need to show you my top of the range security system

That will sniff out the schemes & scallywags of Satan

Because your destiny hinges on understanding your enemy

And the linchpin is having a good security system in place


When I was a kid, I used to love sliding down the Helter Skelter with my dad

We’d go around and around the wooden slide

Until we reached the bottom

Did you know that the word, Helter Skelter, means disorderly haste or confusion?

I believe, that without a good security system in place

To protect our walls, gates and God’s covering

We will feel like we’re on a Helter Skelter ride with the devil

Everything becomes disorderly

And confusion?

You bet cha

The schemes of the devil will confuse you and then the scallywags

Are free to roam in your living space until you live in fear and dread

Make no mistake

Satan is your adversary

That’s YOUR adversary

When the schemes and scallywags stop you from accessing everything God has for you

It means your adversary is breaking the security system!

So, how do you stop the schemes of the devil?

How do you keep out the scallywags trespassing on your property?

Unfortunaly, the devil is relentless, and he hates you

I mean, he really, really hates you


The fact that Jesus died on a cross for you and sacrificed Himself

So, you could live in eternity with Him

Just irritates the devil so much


How do you prepare 4 Warfare?

Sharpen your sword, warrior

Be hungry for God’s Word

Reading your Bible helps your security system keep in place

Misquoted and misinterpreted Scripture can be a trip wire

If you don’t spend enough time in God’s Word

You’re easy pickings, my friend


Next you need to

Upgrade your security system from those scallywags

By fervent prayer

James 5:16 writes, ‘The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much’

Your prayers need to be, hot off the press, my friend

Prayers that are so on fire

The flames spread everywhere you go


Never forget that you have the authority

Your warfare operates in the Spiritual realm, not in this world

Ephesians 6:12 is a great Scripture to remember

‘For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places’  

That is the army of hell right there

And this is what you’re dealing with

But, don’t fret or worry, my friend

God has got your back

Because you have built your walls in faith (Week one)

And fixed your gates with praise (Week Two)

You are covered by the banner of God’s love over you (Week Three)

And you have fitted in a top-notch security system

To deter those schemes & scallywags (Week Four)

You are totally rocking it right now

There’s not a moment to waste

You are now prepared 4 warfare!


Wendy xo

Why are you still here? Get cracking on your warfare, my friend!









Wendy Parker

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