Ordinary Hero Wanted – No Cape Required

If someone wanted an ordinary hero, would you be up for the job?

Could you put your fears aside and respond to the call?

To qualify for the position, you don’t need special abilities or a tight-fitting suit, you just need a willing attitude and an audacious faith that believes Jesus died for everybody.

Oh, and no cape is required.


When we think of the word hero, we attach other words to it like; strong, confident and daring. And so, not thinking that we qualify for such an honour, we shrink back, unable to step up to the task because we believe that we are not cut out to become someone’s hero.

We hold onto the belief that in order to become a hero we need a cape, because having a cape makes you bold and fearless, right?!

But what if to become someone’s hero, you didn’t need a cape?  What if Edna was right in  The Incredibles movie?


Capes are not required to become an ordinary hero. Remember the rescuers who helped save all those children that were trapped in a cave in Thailand recently? In all the news footage I watched, not once did I see a cape on any of the divers.

But what I did see was a determination to get every single child and their coach out of that flooded cave safely.

What about the solider, who in heavy enemy fire takes the force of an explosion for his comrades? Leaving the solider maimed for the rest of his life – that’s if he survives his injuries.

I doubt the soldier’s uniform came with the option of a cape, but what he does have is enough boldness and nerve to make sure his friends go home to their loved ones, even if it’s without him.

Maybe you have to get through yet another chemotherapy session? Your resoluteness and courage require no cape as you become an ordinary hero when you will finally be cancer free.

Or what about the person, who sits in a café and listens to someone share their secrets? Secrets that are so painful to talk about, it’s hard for them to breathe afterwards? That ordinary hero, who doesn’t care about the stares from other people, as she prays quietly with her friend.

Her cape isn’t hanging up on the cloak rack in the café, as she believes in the sureness of her faith, who’s reliance and backbone helps her to hold her friend’s hand through the struggle.

Is each ordinary hero’s story any less courageous than the next?


God reminds us over and over again to be strong and courageous in our walk with Him. He says that He will make us brave enough to move mountains. I don’t read about cape wearing people in the Bible when God needed someone to become an ordinary hero.

He singled out the unadventurous, cowardly and afraid, to show you and me that capes are not required. God needed to remind us that we only have to be a little bit brave when He asks us to become someone’s ordinary hero.

When we stop over-complicating our faith and show the world that we are just ordinary people who follow an extraordinary God, then we will make a difference. God can take our meek, mild, cowardly, unadventurous self’s and turn us into someone’s hero. We just need to trust Him.

I don’t know about you, but I want my life to go way beyond the epitaph on my gravestone.

I think it should just have the words, “No cape required” carved into the stone. It would certainly start some conversations in the cemetery!

So, look around and find people to help because everyone needs an ordinary hero

And remember, no cape required!

Wendy xo





Wendy Parker

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