Now We Do It Together

And just like that, it happens…

You’re at a place where you decide to stop running. To stop running away from God and finally do what He has asked you to do. To stop running from the calling you have on your life and commit to His will because you have suddenly realised that your plan isn’t going to work out as well as God’s plan for you. And in His kindness, God lets you catch your breath for a moment, as He gently lifts your head, wipes away the dirt from your tear-stained face, leans in and whispers to you, “Now we do it together” 

If any of what I’m saying resonates with you then the good news is you’ve come to a place of honesty with God and an understanding that something needs to change. However, the bad news is that it will be you who has to do all the changing because God never changes (Romans 11:29, Psalm 119:90, Ecclesiastes 3:14) But don’t get discouraged.

Let’s just start at step one, shall we? 

Know this, we were never meant to do things on our own. The plan was always for us to do stuff with God. To fulfil our side of His promises to us and then do it together. I speak from experience because I ran for years before I surrendered to God. Before I decided to stop running, before I gained enough courage to trust God enough to let Him whisper to my heart, “Now we do it together.” And I can tell you, the struggle was real. But the process of my restoration only happened after I stopped running.

Throughout the Bible, we read story after story of God giving a promise to someone and their knee-jerk reaction to God’s plan is to decide to develop a plan of their own of how it’s all going to roll. This in turn sets into motion the act of running. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s take Sarah, Abraham’s wife. She decides that she’s too old for the promised child that God is talking about, so she decides to develop a plan which sets into motion for her pregnant servant, Hagar, to run away. 

Or, what about Moses? He knew he was destined to free the Hebrew people. He knew God had a plan. However, Moses took matters into his own hands and killed an Egyptian, which sent him running into the desert for forty years. But perhaps it could be the most famous runner named, Jonah, that will convince you? The prophet, who didn’t like God’s plan one little bit to save the people of Nineveh, so he decided to develop a plan which involved running in the other direction and…well, we all know how that turned out, right?  

Shall I go continue…? 

The point is that your submission to God’s plan for your life is never a given, it’s a choice. When the preacher called me out one Sunday evening at church over thirty years ago and prophesied God’s plan for my life, it was up to me to follow the plan.

However, I do have some more bad news when it comes to prophecies, callings and plans for your life. You have a very real enemy called, Satan. And Satan’s ears are like a sonic radar that ping when good plans are announced by God. Once he hears that ‘ping’ he gets busy concocting his plan to make sure God’s plan is sabotaged so it doesn’t come to pass.

Joshua 24:15 reminds us to ‘Choose this day whom you will serve…’ So, will it be your plan that you run to or Satan’s bad plan you’ll believe in? Are you ready to stop running and let God’s plan do something wonderful in your life?

Understand that the good news is, God never left you. He was right behind you all along just waiting for you to quit running and surrender to His plan so He could rescue you and can take you to places you’ve only ever imagined. 

And then just like that, it happens…

And in His kindness, God lets you catch your breath for a moment, as He gently lifts your head, wipes away the dirt from your tear-stained face, leans in and whispers to you, “Now we do it together”

Wendy xo 

Are you still running away from God’s plan for your life instead of to Him? 

I pray today that you will if just for a moment, take a breather from running because God is far more interested in restoring your relationship with Him first before He starts resetting and restoring His plan for your life. Ask Him to heal those wounds from the plan the enemy set into motion. The plan that inflicted wounds that caused you to run away, and in your surrender, let God whisper to your heart, “Now we do it together”    


Wendy Parker

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