Missing Our Cue

This season feels like God has been preparing us for something, and we’re ready! However, could we be in danger of missing our cue? When an actor hears their cue, it’s a signal to let them know that it’s time to say or do something that happens in a scene they are in. What about you dear friend? Have you sensed heaven’s signal for you to act in the next season, but instead of stepping out onto the stage and taking your cue, you’ve decided to stand in the wings and chosen to shrink back behind the safety curtain because of fear?

I remember when I was seven years old and each class in the school was given a turn in hosting the morning assembly. When it came to our turn, my teacher graciously gave me one line to say in our big production. Well, that’s a slight exaggeration. It was one word in a very short drama sketch we’d been rehearsing in between Math and English classes.

I cannot remember what the drama sketch was about, but I do remember I was the ‘mother character’ and all I had to do was open an imaginary door (the school budget didn’t allow for props) and say the word, “no”. Simple right? Except for the fact of my determination and insistence on wearing my high heeled play shoes from home and a headscarf so I could step into the role with flair, which almost caused me to miss my cue.

As my big moment approached, I was ready to show the whole school my method acting skills. However, in my nervousness and poor time management as to when my big part was coming up, I couldn’t get the straps undone on my play shoes to put them on my feet! After what felt like a lifetime, I finally got the high heels on. By now I knew if I’d attempted to put the headscarf on too, I would’ve missed my cue.

So, I decided to abandon the Italian ‘mother look’ and just keep with the high heeled power dressing idea. (C’mon, it was the 80’s!) My big acting role took all of twenty seconds for me to stand up, say my one line of “no” and then sit back down again.

Thankfully, that morning the world didn’t fall off its axis and disappear down a black hole, despite me almost missing my cue. Although, my seven-year-old self wished it had, then perhaps I wouldn’t have felt the weight of every kid in the school staring at me in my “only for home” play shoes, as my mum kept pointing out.

And it’s that feeling of humiliation that has caused me to shrink back time and time again from God’s cues because of my fear of failing again, of being humiliated again. A fear that made me feel like I’d misread the prompts from the Director of my story, instead of stepping into the role He had for me. For years I chose to wait in the wings, finding comfort in the safety curtains while all the other actors took their place on centre stage.

Time and time again I have resorted back to that ‘mother character’ I played in the school’s assembly when I was seven, repeating my one line of “no” to God over and over again.

In the series, The Chosen, Philip is walking alongside Matthew. As they chatted, Matthew discloses to Philip that he is unsure and lacks confidence as to why Jesus asked him, a tax collector, to follow Him. Philip turns to Matthew and says, “If this Rabbi, Jesus, has called you, it means you already have everything you need right now. He’ll give you the rest in time. What you think you know doesn’t matter, only that Jesus chose you. That’s where your confidence comes from now”.

Believe it or not, missing our cue comes from self-doubt and a lack of confidence. Fear of the unknown causes us to shrink back. Be that as it may, the enemy knows that if we keep missing our cues something will be amiss in the story that God wants us to be a part of. And playing your part is of vital importance no matter how small and insignificant you believe it is.

And contrary to my seven-year-old belief, “The truth is the world isn’t going to come to an end because you missed your cue. However, the world may well come to an end if we all keep missing our cues and if we never fully understand the power of the heaven partnership we are in” writes Bobbie Houston, in The Sisterhood book. I quite agree.

So, the challenge is, how do we fix the imbalance of wanting to live an abundant life. Where we want our dreams to become a reality but fear reminds us we shouldn’t shine bright and step up in our role unless we want to be ridiculed again?

Well, here’s a revelation for you…

God has been preparing you for something. And this world needs you; we need you and certainly, God needs you to stop missing your cue. Because isn’t it high time you quit hiding behind the safety of the curtains and start acting out your role so it helps someone else? You know that you’ve felt the tug, the whisper of heaven’s signals for a while now. However, you still choose to let fear narrate your story.

How about you do something about the cues heaven is sending and walk out onto centre stage, take your cue and step into the role you were made for!

Wendy xo

What has caused you to keep missing your cues from God? Is it the fear of being humiliated again?

I pray today, that you will stop listening to the enemy’s lies that remind you of how many times you’ve missed God’s cues and hid behind the safety curtains, thinking that it’s just too late for you now. Today I pray that you fully embrace the power found in a partnership with heaven and be reminded how much God loves you and how important the part you get to play, whether big or small, is needed in God’s story.


Wendy Parker

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