Knowing Your Identity: Part one

Who are you? I mean, who is your true self when you don’t have to perform in front of anybody? Unless we understand our true identity we will forever try to be someone we are not. Communion is learning your identity in Christ. It’s coming before God as simply and as honestly as we know how; so we can share with Jesus a moment of clarity of who we truly are.   

 Before we met our chocolate Labrador, Rose, she had spent most of her life in a cage. She had been used for breeding and then dumped at a local dog pound because she was no longer needed. That was before we rescued her. She didn’t really have a name, she didn’t know how to eat properly from a bowl, she hated her walks and got very scared around other dogs. Now after two years of loving on her unconditionally, Rose has learnt her value. She understands her identity now because she’s spent time with us as a family and has learnt to trust us.


We too can be like my dog, living our lives in a cage waiting for someone to rescue us. But the truth is you are already free, my friend, you just don’t know it yet! A king left the comforts of His kingdom and sacrificed Himself on a wooden cross so you could know your identity and live in freedom.    

This king, that you have never met, saw your value when nobody wanted you. He opened the cage and told you, “You are free” and now He wants a relationship with you. But, you have to trust Him. You have to let Him come into your obligations, expectations and brokenness and let Him love on you. 

Communion isn’t about performance, it’s about  relationship. The bread we take and the juice/wine we drink is an act of intimacy. Communion is knowing you’re forgiven, accepted and loved, regardless of what you’ve done. All Jesus asks is for you to remember. Remember what He did for you, remember your identity and remember your enemy has been defeated.    

Laws and rules isn’t what communion is about. It’s part of having a relationship with a king who loves spending time with you. As John Piper says, “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” As you take communion regularly, you become more satisfied with life.    

Over the past few months I don’t wait to go to church to take communion. I have a juice box and some crackers at home, and I take communion whenever I need to come to Jesus and remember what He did for me. It is intimacy Jesus wants with you. He wants you to experience the fullness of His grace.

Communion is not a religious act, it is a journey of the heart. 

Wendy xo

See you next week for Part Two when we learn how to; ‘Rise into all Jesus died for.’ 


Wendy Parker

Comments (2)

  1. Donald
    September 13, 2023

    Beautiful said and thank you. I came across this today and it made me think and get back to God..

    • Wendy Parker
      September 15, 2023

      That’s wonderful to hear!

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