‘I’m with stupid’ – Don’t let an idiot ruin your day

If ever there was a gal who could wear a t-shirt with the slogan, ‘I’m with stupid’

It would be, Abigail

Her story, which is found in 1 Samuel chapter 25

Is more awkward than a #G20 handshake


A beautiful, articulate, intelligent woman

Realised an idiot could ruin David’s day

And her smart thinking, paved the way for her future

Saving David from doing something he may later regret

Not only ruining his day, but his destiny

The only problem was

She was married to the idiot who was going to ruin David’s day

I’ll fill you in on the story


Goliath killing – next king of Israel – Psalm writing –  famous David

Sends a message to Abigail’s husband, Nabal

“When your shepherds were camped near us we didn’t take advantage of them. They didn’t lose a thing all the time they were with us in Carmel.” 1 Samuel 25 7:8

In other words

“Nabal, be generous to us because we looked after your men.”

But Nabal, being the fool that he was, sends a message back to David

“Who is this David? Who is this son of Jesse?…Do you think I’m going to take good bread and wine and meat…and give it to men I’ve never laid eyes on?” 1 Samuel 25:10


After receiving Nabal’s message, loud ‘n clear

“You’re a loser, David. Stop bothering me.”

David says 4 words to his men, which would send a chill through the household of Nabal

“Strap on your swords!”

400 men, ready to obliterate this fool and his household off the face of the earth

Thankfully a young shepherd tells Abigail about the messages Nabal has been sending to David


When you’re dealing with idiots, it’s easy to ‘strap on your sword’

And give them a little bit more than a piece of your mind

But, here’s the kicker

God has called you to higher ground

And just like David, your knee jerk reaction

Could not only ruin your day, but the destiny God has planned for you

Abigail wasn’t gonna let an idiot ruin her day


Wearing her, ‘I’m with stupid’ slogan on her t-shirt

She fell on her knees at David’s feet

Reminding him of his God-honoured life

And how God promised that he, David would one day become King

Her words were like smelling salts

And he came to his senses

David realised one idiot could have ruined his day and his destiny

So, the next time an idiot tries to ruin your day

Just think of the story in 1 Samuel chapter 25

Because idiots are not worth losing the promises that God has spoken over your life


Wendy xo

Ps. The idiot, Nabal died 10 days later and David asked Abigail to marry him































Wendy Parker

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