I’m not lazy, just energy deficient – A cure for the do it all life

I passed by a lady the other morning

While walking my chocolate Lab, Rose

The lady had one of those slogan tee shirts on

It said

“I’m not lazy, just energy deficient”


She seemed a sassy type of gal

And wore that tee shirt



We’re so busy with being busy

Doing the urgent stuff

That we

Have no energy left

To do the important stuff

It’s not that we’re lazy

We have just become so energy deficient

That we feel completely exhausted

So, how do we cure our need

On having to do it all?


Jesus understood the importance

For rest and relaxation

He knew that our minds and bodies

Need a ‘time out’ for restoration

In Mark chapter 6

He says to His disciples

“Let us go out into the wilderness for a while and rest ourselves” Mark 6:31 (The Voice)

Even though the crowds had gathered

Even though their needs were urgent

And they we’re all important

“They could get no peace until they boarded a boat and sailed toward a deserted place.” Mark 6:32

Jesus knew He and His disciples

Had to get into that boat

And sail towards a deserted place


Have you ever thought

Of sailing to a deserted place?

It’s not because you’re lazy

You just need to recharge your batteries

Because you’ve become so energy deficient

From trying to do it all

That you need space to breathe


God promised Moses

In the book of Exodus

“My presence will travel with you, and I will give you rest” – Exodus 33:14

So, the cure for the do it all life is

Sail off to a deserted place

I don’t mean literally

Unless you do own a boat!

Sailing off can just be

Finding a quiet place somewhere

Where you can gather your thoughts


Stay in God’s presence for a while

And learn to just rest in Him

Because the urgent can wait awhile

Spending time with God

That’s more important

And He knows

When you come to Him to find rest

You’re not lazy

Just energy deficient


Wendy xo





















Wendy Parker

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