I’m dreaming of a quiet Christmas

I’m dreaming of a quiet Christmas this year

Not a white Christmas

A quiet Christmas

Simple. Hassle free. Quiet. Christmas.

If you hadn’t noticed, my blog is a little late this week

However, it is STILL Wednesday, so technically I’m okay!

So, here’s the deal

My ‘well-thought-out’ plans started to unravel yesterday afternoon, from about 3.00pm

I had to make my daughter’s birthday cake, ready for today

(Yes, my daughter’s b/day is 5 days before Christmas)

Anyways, after dinner I started on the cake

Good so far…

…But then

It wouldn’t come out of the cake tin

And after poking, prodding and hacking it out of that tin with a knife

…Well, you can guess what it looked like

(I didn’t take a photo, just in case Gordon Ramsey reads my blog posts)

This was not going well

So, this morning, my husband jumps in the car, drives to the local patisserie

Purchases the last chocolate mud cake they had

Got them to pipe ‘Happy Birthday Lauren’ on it

And comes home a hero


 What’s that Proverb?

‘A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps’ Proverbs 16:9


We can get so carried away with trying to fit everything in at Christmas time

That inevitably, the wheels fall off our little, ‘I can do it all’ wagon

“Sure, I can write a blog post and bake a cake and…and…and…”

We can put so much pressure onto ourselves to make sure everything is just right

That the only thing left to do is to have a melt down

And then I wondered

If Mary felt the same way on that very first Christmas?

She must have dreamed of having Jesus in an Inn

Nice comfy bed. Hot towels. Air conditioning.

Perfect for a birthing room

But instead, she gave birth to a Saviour in a hot, dirty, smelly stable

Straw was her birthing bed

Hot animal breath, instead of hot towels

And the air conditioning?

Maybe a cool breeze wafting over the cow dung was all Mary was going to get

Room service?

Probably the Innkeeper’s wife

Giving her strips of cloth to wrap Jesus in

I’m sure Mary must of thought to herself, “This isn’t how it’s supposed to be”

Like my cake, it didn’t turn out the way she planned

So, this Christmas

This nice, quiet Christmas

As you sit drinking your hot chocolate in a quiet corner somewhere

Take a moment to reflect on that first, ever Christmas day

Mary was surrounded by her family

And Jesus was the centre of her attention

That’s pretty much all you need this Christmas, right?


Wendy xo



















Wendy Parker

Comments (4)

  1. M&D
    December 21, 2017

    Dear Wendy, your blog was a bit late , but WOW it was worth waiting for, yes Jesus is all you need at Christmas, and if you can share that thought with Family and Friends.

    the cake looked nice too !!!

    • Wendy Parker
      December 30, 2017

      Yes, it was wasn’t it! But hey, better late than never…

  2. Leonie Schlosser
    December 29, 2017

    Dear Lovely Wendy, my closest buddy, I thought your blog was completely accurate, that is exactly how I felt this Christmas, What is the point, So I spent it with people who really mean’t a lot to me, with a few extras who I didn’t really know, like two elderly people who joined us at the Community Christmas event at Bowral. and I decided not to worry, but be concerned and focus on Jesus, Happy Birthday Jesus

    • Wendy Parker
      December 30, 2017

      You’re an inspiration Leonie…go girl x

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