Hush, Hush, Hush… – When our silence is deafening

It’s way too uncomfortable to ask questions

Which invite people to think about where they’ll spend eternity

“Hush, hush, hush…” whispers the oily voice of the enemy, “you’re wasting your time.”

As you timidly step out into the great unknown and speak up

So, we listen to that oily voice

Which gives it the power to cast its spell

Pulling us back behind an iron curtain of silence

And retreat back into our comfort zone

Back into the silence that fear so happily produces

Validating and excusing our reasons for not speaking out

Hoping someone else will share the good news of the Gospel to this dying world

Over time, we have been slowly but surely lulled into a deep sleep

Muted into silence

And it has become deafening



In the absence of a good sound, the enemy has used our silence against us

Making sure the Gospel is devalued and rendered useless

To a sophisticated, modern world, that neither wants or is interested

In a Saviour who loves them

The only voice the enemy lets the world hear is that of professional religion

The voice that says, God is angry at them

So, you’d better be good and obey these set of rules

Because if you don’t, you’ll end up in “you-know-where”

Grilled like a piece of meat on a never-ending barbecue


Wake up!

Don’t let the enemy hush, hush, hush you into silence!

This world is desperately listening for a sound

A good sound

But all they are hearing is the clanging sound of religious noise

They know something is missing in their lives

But just like Pilate asked in Matthew 27:22

“What would you have me do with this Jesus…?”

People are asking the same question

And they need an answer to that question, not our silence

I know what you’re thinking, “How can I be used by God to help a lost and dying world?”


You just open your mouth!

God uses ordinary people, like you and me

To do extraordinary things

You don’t need a degree in Theology to tell people about Jesus

You just live it!

Our silence has been deafening

But now it’s time to speak out and rise up

“A new song for a new day rises up in me every time I think about how he breaks through for me! Ecstatic praise pours out of my mouth until everyone hears how God has set me free. Many will see his miracles; they’ll stand in awe of God and fall in love with Him!” (Psalm 40:3, The Passion Translation)

When you fall in love with God, the enemy cannot silence you

God’s living words will be written on the pages of your heart (Psalm 40:8)

This world needs you, my friend

To speak up

To become vulnerable and real with the people you encounter

It’s high time the enemy was silenced – not us

So, don’t hush, hush, hush for one more second

Because this world needs to hear a good sound

And you, my friend

Are the extraordinary, love-filled person to speak up about how wonderful God is

You just need to be a little bit brave


Wendy xo













Wendy Parker

Comments (4)

  1. Karyn Rusin
    April 4, 2018

    So good Wendy!

    • Wendy Parker
      April 4, 2018

      Thanks Karyn

  2. M&D
    April 5, 2018

    Such a strong message, beautifully written , Thanks


    • Wendy Parker
      April 10, 2018

      You’re welcome

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