Heavenly Motion

Notice how everyone is asking everyone else, “What will be the first thing you’re going to do on freedom day?” I know this may sound weird, but apart from seeing my family and a long overdue trip to the hairdressers, I am looking forward to going into a library again.

You may smile, but as a writer, seeing hundreds of books that are filled with unread words and unseen adventures is a happy place for me. There is something about all those shelves and shelves of stories just waiting to be opened up and set into motion that brings me joy.  

But what if I said that we don’t need to wait until freedom day to go into a library? What if I said there is a place where rows of books filled with every prophecy ever spoken are housed? What if I told you that in this library are books and books full of pages and pages of unfulfilled prophecies? What if I mentioned that these prophecies are unfulfilled, not because they were not promised, not because of lack of resources, or talent, or gifting, but because they have been forgotten about? What if I told you that God is waiting for you to start a heavenly motion? 

In Larry Sparks & Patricia King’s book, ‘Arise: A prophetic call for women to Receive Swords, Mantles and Kingdom Assignments’, Sparks explains a vision of a library filled with dusty volumes of books. He sensed that God was showing him all the promises and prophetic words that people had chosen to ‘shelf’ because they felt the promise was too good to be true, so they put it on the shelf for another season. Sparks believes to resurrect these prophecies; we, as believers, need to agree with God so that the Holy Spirit’s wind can blow the dust off the books that hold these promises. (pg.43, 44)

This season of lockdowns and restrictions has brought with it some challenges and frustrations. It’s so easy in lockdown for us to shelve the promises and prophesies that God has spoken over us. But despite all of this, I believe in what feels to many, a dormant couple of years, God has gifted us all with some time and space to remember dreams and desires that were once spoken over us. To recall, and reflect on His long-forgotten promises.

Do you realise God is waiting for you to go into His library and walk down each one of the pearlescent corridors that are filled with dusty, old annuals, so you can find the dreams and desires that you have shelved for a long time? These volumes of books that hold you’re unfulfilled prophesy are waiting for you to resurrect those ‘too good to be true ‘promises from God that you’ve buried under the weight of fear and doubt. 

Run your fingers along the shelves to start a heavenly motion as you chose to open each book of your unfulfilled promises by letting the Holy Spirit blow the dust off each page. Heavenly motion starts when you chose to believe that those words that God has spoken over you were not a gesture but a passage to move into a forward motion, a heavenly motion with Him. 

Don’t let this season of lockdown pass by without taking a trip into heaven’s library. And don’t worry, you’re not going to need a library card to borrow any of the books. Just a willing heart that says, “yes” to the adventures that await you on each page of your unfulfilled prophecies will be all you’ll need to ‘check out’ each book of this library. 

Let the Holy Spirit send His wind to dust off all the pages and reveal once again the words God has spoken over you. Be brave, move forward, and set each one of them into heavenly motion!

Wendy xo   

Where have you let fear, worry and doubt stop the motion of the promises God spoke over you? When did you say to yourself that the prophecy that was given to you was, “too good to be true”? 

I pray, in this season of lockdown that you will allow the Holy Spirit to breathe over every unfulfilled prophesy and set your heart into a heavenly motion.  


Wendy Parker

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