Fake Love – Why you need a Judas kiss to reach your purpose

It seems that the word “fake” has certainly been thrown around a lot lately

Fake news, fake friends and fake tan

Plus, the ever-popular saying; “Fake it till you make it”

Has been so over-used it’s just not cool anymore


But what about fake love?

You know, the fake love that always betrays you with a kiss

Kinda stings, doesn’t it?

A kiss that burns into your soul

Long after Judas has departed

But what if that kiss is just what you need?

What if the betrayal was God’s way

Of helping you reach your purpose?

Every superhero needs a villain

It’s what gives the superhero his purpose

No Lex Luther –  No Superman

No Joker   –  No Batman

What purpose would the hero have, if it weren’t for the villain?


When we read about Judas selling Jesus out

For 30 pieces of silver

And then sealing the deal with a kiss

We wonder why Jesus ever called Judas to become a disciple in the first place

When he inevitably was going to betray the Son of Man

‘No sooner were the words out of his mouth then a crowd showed up, Judas, the one from the Twelve, in the lead’ Luke 22:47

There’s always seems to be a “crowd” showing up

When you’re at your lowest point toward your purpose

And there is always a Judas leading that crowd

Puckering up his lips for the kiss of betrayal

Satan will do his best to stop your purpose

He’ll find someone right under your nose

A Judas

To sabotage your destiny

He’ll make sure “a crowd” shows up

To gloat over your betrayal

But this is the brilliance of the cross

Jesus, was prepared for His purpose


No Judas – No cross

No cross – No redemption

Satan took the bait

And we were saved!

Every story needs a villain

Every story needs a plot twist

Will you let the kiss of betrayal propel you into your purpose?

Judas’ story ended hanging on a rope in the middle of a field

But Jesus’ story was just beginning

Fake love and a Judas kiss?

Maybe it’s the preparation you need

To reach your purpose

And fulfil your destiny!


Wendy xo














Wendy Parker

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