The unmade future – Change your narrative in 2019

Last week we talked about the unmade future and how through the creative chaos God works with us in moulding and shaping our future-yet-to-be.

In 2019, how will you change your narrative?

                 The unmade future

 So, how are you gonna start your untold story? How will the narrative of your life read when you watch the minute hand strike midnight and you celebrate the beginning of 2019?         

      What needs to change in your narrative? 

  How will your 2019 be different from this year?

Are you waiting until everything is just right before you start the next chapter? Or, have you decided to close the book because you know your story is far from perfect?

Do you think that God is waiting for you to get your act together before He can use you? 

When He formed the earth I am quite sure it wasn’t neat and tidy. Through the narrative of His words, God spoke into being, stars, planets and the solar system. As soon as He said, “Let there be light,” an explosion would have taken place, and through the darkness  –  boom, crash, opera, the sun came into existence, through the messy. creative. chaos.

               Change your narrative

We are so busy trying to make sure the disheveled, disordered narrative of our lives doesn’t have any bad words in it like, broken, wounded or abandoned, that we miss the unfolding creative goodness of God. 

We don’t see the beauty in the chaos and how our surrender to the wonderful creator who spoke all life into being by the narrative of His words, can unlock something that has been waiting before the dawn of time to be birthed and created through our lives. 

When God kicked His shoes off and leaned back in His recliner on the 7th day, He didn’t look at everything He created and say, “Perfect.” He said, “It is good.” 

So, why do we feel we need to make sure our muddled, chaotic, unkempt narrative has to be polished and sparkly for our lives to impact others? 

 Why do we think we need our narrative to be perfect?

God is sovereign and He will speak into your chaos. Into your mess. Into your fear of the unknown. He will speak life where there is only death. He will bring light where there is only darkness, and with the power of His Word, He can lift off the blackness that covers you like a thick cloud.   

Proverbs 18:21 reminds us that the power of life or death is in the tongue. I love how The Message translation puts it;

‘Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit – you choose’  

Words, or your narrative, either speak life or death, and the scary part is that it’s our choice. 

Are we going to speak out death into our story in 2019 or life? 

The quote from last week by Alan Kay, Apple’s Chief Scientist still rings true.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it”

As we head into 2019, let’s not allow death words come into our narrative, let’s be the ones who’s lives speak life. 

Lean on God and be in constant communication and interaction with your creator who never changes, even through the chaos, mistakes and creativity of the narrative that will be your 2019.

So, take the word “perfect” out of your narrative and replace it with “good” as you step into your unmade future of 2019, with a God who loves working through a messy, untidy, creative future that’s just waiting for you.

            Messy – Creative – Chaos 

       It’s where God does his best work!

Wendy xo     


Wendy Parker

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