Dead Sharks (How to keep moving forward)

“A shark has to keep moving forward, otherwise it dies”

We must keep moving forward

Else we will end up

Dead Sharks

To successfully navigate the waters of our life

We must be swimming in a forward motion

Otherwise, we will end up flapping around

Just trying to stay afloat

Exhausting ourselves and never actually going anywhere

The proof that we love Jesus

Is in the doing, not just the knowing

We need to keep moving forward into God’s ways

Because none of us has “arrived” yet

The only way you end up a dead shark

Is to stop moving

And if you feel like you can’t move forward

Then you start to move backwards

If we start to move backwards we drift

‘That is why we ought to pay even closer attention to the voice that has been speaking so that we will never drift away from it.’ Hebrews 2:1

Drifting is dangerous

Because before we have even realised what’s happened

We’ve ended up in the shallow waters, gasping for breath

Until we become just another dead shark

Who died filled with disappointments

Sharks are designed to swim in the deep waters

And we need to swim forward out into the deep waters of faith

I know why you want to stop moving forward

Like me, you’ve  been hurt and disappointed by people

But God is so much greater

And He’s calling your name

So you can swim into the deep waters

Where you can continually be stretched

And move into deeper levels of growth

Swimming forward into the deep waters

Forms us into leaders that God can trust

When the waters of life become choppy and the under currents try to force us to quit

We become stronger, and can rise to the challenges we will face

The sharks who didn’t want to keep moving

Ended up dead sharks

Because it felt safe in the familiar waters

Of comfort


The sharks who ended up dead

Didn’t keep asking God

To show them how to move forward into what He wanted them to do

‘We know we have joined Him in an intimate relationship because we live out His commands.’ 1 John 2:3

Dead sharks cannot move their motionless bodies

Towards the moment, God has been preparing them for

And it doesn’t matter what type or age of shark you are

You need to keep moving forward

Because God is preparing you for your destiny

We can sit in Church and learn everything

We are supposed to do about moving forward

We can study everything that tells us how to move forward

But at some point you have to swim into the deep water

So you don’t become

A dead shark

Wendy xo




Wendy Parker

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