Currently Under Construction – Why progress is better than perfection

I looked at the words on the page

Too many mistakes

Not enough description

Stilted.  Bland.  Boring.  Writing.

Of course, the story I was writing, was currently under construction

But I couldn’t allow myself to make a mistake

I couldn’t let the words go through the process of being formed

It had to be perfection

Or nothing

Every. Single. Line.

I was so attached to the outcome, rather than the progress of the story

That my writing became ridged and controlled


I began to wonder the same thing about my faith

Do I criticise my lack of progress in certain areas I struggle with?

Beating myself up every time I feel like I’ve failed?

Perfectionism becoming the driving force in everything I did?

Making my Christian walk become ridged and controlled

Instead of free falling into the total abandoned adventure, of God’s grace and mercy?

Like my writing, had my faith become more about the outcome rather than the process?

We forget that Jesus sees everyone as, ‘currently under construction’

When Jesus met with people He didn’t focus on the end result

He knew they were all flawed people in need of a Saviour

He helped them through the process of a relationship first

Walking with them until they became a better story

A messy, complicated journey, which led them into a deeper understanding of who God is

The story of someone’s progress is much more powerful and emotional

Than a story about perfection

Progress is what Jesus is looking for in each person, not perfection

‘We need to stop looking at one colour, when God wants us to see the whole kaleidoscope’ – Barbara Turner Vesselago

And let’s not fall into the trap of hearing someone’s testimony

Of how they went from drug addict – to lead pastor

Disqualifying us into feeling like our testimony of saying ‘YES’ to the Salvation Jesus offered

Is not so exciting and adventurous

Sure, your story may not look nothing like their ‘wiz-bang –  woop woop’ testimony of their best-seller  life book

But it is a miracle all the same

And it’s YOUR story, no one else’s

We are all currently under construction

Because Jesus loves progress, better than perfection

[Tweet “When loving people is a strategy, it isn’t love anymore – Bob Goff “]

We need to let ourselves freefall into the love and grace of Jesus

And stop trying to make it all about the end result

Enjoying the progress and process of your story as you write in the pages of your life each day

Chapter by glorious chapter

When I keep writing, regardless on whether the piece is a brilliant stroke of pure genius

Or it sucked

I keep going

Because I won’t gain any progress, if I don’t embrace the process

In writing techniques, you are told to ‘show’ rather than ‘tell’ your story

So, ‘SHOW’ your story

Rather than ‘TELLING’ it

People will be drawn to your transparency and openness

More than getting it right all the time

‘Currently under construction’ should be a permanent sign on your forehead

A work in progress –   not perfection

Because when you build your life story on a genuine faith in Jesus

You can’t go wrong when you make His Word the foundational rock

And Chief Cornerstone of your life!



Wendy xo















Currently under construction – Why progress is better than perfection


Wendy Parker

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