Confessions of a Blogger – 100 Posts…and counting

Can you believe it?

This is my 100th post

Sassy finger snap – BOOM!

100 Posts…and counting

I know

Complete. Total. Awesomeness!

And I’m sure you’re thinking that I’m a total merchine

Writing 100 original blog posts

That’s right, 100 ORIGINAL BLOG POSTS

No double dipping here folks

But, I gotta tell ya

This writing gig ain’t all singing n’ dancing

Okay, brace yourselves

I think it’s time for (drum roll please)

Confessions of a Blogger


As I’m the gal who runs the show

I’m gonna ‘fess up

I lurve Wednesday’s when we get to hang out together

And I help you, which helps me

While we help each other

It’s like a coffee date with a long-time friend

You’re having a skinny Latte, and as you sit there sipping it slowly

I race into the coffee shop

Order a double shot espresso followed by a large cake, ’cause I need the sugar

I’m totally freaking out – big time

Because I have zip, nowt, narder to share with you


Thought I’d put up a picture of a dog –  in sunglasses, wearing a denim jacket, while drinking his Starbucks

Hey! It broke the tension, right?

All that drama in the coffee shop was way too intense! Sheesh!


Confessions of a Blogger goes something like this;

It’s already 10pm on a Tuesday night

And I post Wednesday mornings – every single week (write that date in your diary, folks)

My fingernails are bitten down to the quick

I’ve eaten my way through an entire, large packet of jelly snakes

And I’ve drank more tea than the door mouse at the Mad Hatter’s tea party

Then I sit




At the blank page on my laptop


And while I’m fiddling around in the dark

Stabbing at any words that run across my mind

Hoping some thunder bolt hits my brain

And I’m writing at a pace Virginia Woolf would be proud of

God shows up

And while I’m flapping my arms about like, Peter, in Matthew 14:22-23

‘looking at the wind and the waves…’

Comparing myself to all the, ‘I’ve-got-it-totally-together-bloggers’ out there

God reminds me that I have to decrease, so He can increase (John 3:30)

He tells me to keep moving forward

With purpose and confidence

Because it’s not about me

It’s about Him and what He wants to say

And then the words and ideas come

As I dig deeper into His Word

Common sense hits me like a truck, and I realise

That all the clamouring and pretentious nonsense

Is the world’s way and not God’s way

And I need to trust Him more


We’re 100 posts into this gig

And there’s no quitting now, right?

Because you’re my tribe

And it’s no coincidence that you found me

God put us together

I hate to tell you this, my friend

But you’re up to your neck in it

Because people like you, who have discovered their true identity

Through reading my blog posts

People like you, who have learnt how to roar like a tiger

Through reading my blog posts

And people like you, who have scaled the mountain

And learnt how to rise

Through reading my blog posts



Wendy xo

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Wendy Parker

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