Breathing Space – Recharging your faith when you’re weary.

The house was still and quiet as I sat at my new kitchen table in our new home. Not one cardboard box in sight or another piece of flat pack furniture to put together. I’d finally found some breathing space. Now was a time to rest, recharge and find some space in the margins of our busy lives as a family. 

Have you ever felt like that? Bone-tired weary that you just need some breathing space to recharge your batteries and your faith? Fatigue can be dangerous if we don’t settle down and depend on God. He helps us rest and recharge, ready for the next busy season in our lives. 

Isaiah 30:15 says,“Your strength will come from settling down in complete dependence on me.” (MSG)

When we feel like our fuel tanks are out of gas to make it through the many more miles we need to travel, we need to learn to trust and depend on God. Isaiah isn’t talking about a part time dependence on God. He’s saying that it’s only when we put our complete dependence on God that our strength will come. A settling down in His strength rather than our own. 

Only then will our weary, burned out bodies find the rest we need. Psalm 105:4 tells us to, “Seek more of his strength! Seek more of him!” (TPT) 

It seems odd that we’ll only find God’s strength when we rest and settle. Our minds think that it’s in the busyness that we gain the strength to continue. We believe that to recharge our faith we need to do more activities. 

We feel if we could just squeeze in more church, bible reading and praying, our faith would be recharged and renewed. But God says to gather your strength is to put your complete dependence on him. 

I took a picture of my dog, Rose, at the beach yesterday. She had no agenda, no place to be, nothing to sniff, no other dog to say hello to. She just settled down and rested. 

That’s a word for all you control freaks out there (I’m raising my hand right now) For all the ones who feel overworked, discontented and spent in their weary souls. For all the ones who’s faith is flagging and you call a nana nap your “prayer time.” 

You need breathing space and rest. Let God recharge your faith through the empty, do nothing spaces of your life. 

Then maybe, just maybe you’ll recharge your faith and learn to live in complete dependence on God.

Wendy xo    


Wendy Parker

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