The Benchwarmers (How being forgotten can make you a better leader)

Ever felt like a benchwarmer?

Well this week’s blog is just for you, my friend

Being a leader can be challenging at times

Especially when you feel forgotten by others

But I’ve discovered that being forgotten can make you a better leader


In school, I wasn’t what you’d call ‘sporty’

When it was time to pick teams, I usually ended up one of the last to be chosen

I’m convinced to this day, if a three legged, one eyed, deaf dog had wondered onto our high school sports field, answering to the name of Lucky…

…They would have picked the dog for the team, instead of me


So, you’re a leader?

And you feel like a benchwarmer?


You are in good company


In Genesis chapter 40

We find Joseph sitting in prison…waiting

Pharaoh’s chief cupbearer and chief baker had offended Pharaoh, so he threw them into prison

Now it just so happened that it was the same prison Joseph was in. He was serving time for a crime he hadn’t committed

Joseph was put in charge of these men

One morning the chief cupbearer and the chief baker both told Joseph about the dreams they’d had

So, Joseph helped them by telling them what their dreams were about

Leader tip #1

Even though Joseph’s circumstances weren’t ideal, he was still put in charge of people

Know this, that no matter where you find yourself in life, if God has anointed you as a leader it doesn’t matter what your circumstances look like, you are still a leader

True leaders don’t need fancy titles to be a leader

They just lead from whatever circumstances they find themselves in


Leader tip #2

Before Joseph saw his dream that he’s carried in his heart for years come to true, he needed to help other people with their dreams first

Even when you are a benchwarmer, you can still encourage and help others with their dreams

It’s what makes good leaders into great leaders

Back to the story…

Pharaoh decided to release his chief cupbearer and chief baker from prison, because it was his birthday

What a nice Pharaoh. Happy Birthday ruler of Egypt

As they were packing suitcases, ready to leave their damp, dark cells, Joseph hoped that they would remember what he’d done for them and put in a good word to Pharaoh about releasing him also


Joseph waited…

And waited…

For 2 years!

He had truly become a benchwarmer by this time

Probably thinking that he was just going to die in that prison

His God dream left in tatters


Left behind


Until Pharaoh started having dreams and needed them interpreted

It was only then that the chief cupbearer finally remembered Joseph!

Pharaoh immediately sent for Joseph

Joseph told Pharaoh what the meaning of his dream was

Pharaoh was so blown away that he instantly made Joseph second-in-command over the land of Egypt

(Angel choir)

Leader tip #3

God will elevate you at the right time

The thing about God is that He’s super big on character, rather than title’s when it comes to leading well


God doesn’t want good leaders

He doesn’t even need great leaders

Say what?

God wants exceptional leaders

So, if you’ve been called to leadership but you feel like a benchwarmer


God is working on your character

And He has something for you that will truly

Blow. Your. Mind


Wendy xo


























Wendy Parker

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