At least He stole the show…

We all love a good wedding

Especially a royal one

And of course, being British

I have grown up watching royal weddings

And I have to say, Harry and Megan’s didn’t disappoint


Out of all the royals and celebrity’s names

One name has gone viral over the Internet

And it’s one you wouldn’t expect in all that glitz and glamour

The name is, Bishop Michael Curry

Critics have said his “talk” was too long, too preachy and too radical

For a royal wedding

They criticised that he took the spotlight off Harry and Megan

And shone it on himself

I had to smile when they said he’d,“stole the show”

Because I knew exactly who’d stolen the show

And it wasn’t Bishop Curry

You see, there is a name that is above all names

A name that makes the Angels sing and the Demons tremble

He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords

No earthly royal name will ever come close to his Majesty

And no celebrity name could out shine His brilliance

His name is JESUS  

And Bishop Curry gave the world

A 13-minute taster of how much God loves them

How powerful His love truly is

And how you need His fire

If you want to change the world

Bishop Curry, had the whole world watching him

And he wasn’t going to waste this golden opportunity

To reach out to every hurting and broken person

Who needed to hear a message about love, hope and Salvation

We may never know how many broken souls his message touched

But God does

Because God knew that Harry and Megan were going to choose Bishop Curry

To deliver the wedding message

We all thought we were just going to watch another

Boring wedding speech

About…blah…blah…blah…something religious

Where everyone would fall asleep

And zone out for a couple of minutes

To be honest

I really thought Zara Phillips was going to give birth right at that moment of the speech

And Sir Elton John’s reaction…priceless

It was as though he’d just been told

That he was going to be upstaged at the after party by the Teletubbies

They were probably all thinking

When is this American Bishop going to shut up?

All this talk about the love of God

And the power of love

Tut, tut, tut

Makes you think this royal wedding was all about love!

Well I say, right on, Bishop Curry

You certainly did us proud

Shining out God’s love for all to see

A beautiful moment

That wasn’t about royalty or A list celebrities

It was about God


At least He stole the show…


Wendy xo







Wendy Parker

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  1. M&D
    May 25, 2018


    • Wendy Parker
      May 25, 2018

      Thanks =)

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