An Alternative Route

Mapping systems have made finding our way a lot easier and certainly help directionally challenged people (I’m talking about myself) reach their destination with much less anxiety and stress. However, even with the map technology at our fingertips, sometimes we’re too busy chatting, or singing our favourite song (again, I’m talking about myself), and we can miss the directions. The satellite navigation then has to re-route and suggest an alternative route. This new route can feel a little risky, and yet, we trust the system. So, why don’t we trust God when He gives us an alternative route for our lives?  

Feeling lost and directionless is bad enough when you’re driving but even worse when you’re going through a difficult season of an alternative route in your life. It seems the destination you carefully and prayerfully punched into heaven’s navigational system missed the memo and gave you an alternative route you never asked for. A sense those hopes you held onto for a bright future seem to have suddenly hit heavy traffic, and a feeling that you’re going nowhere fast sinks into your soul. 

Sure, you pretend to your girlfriends and everyone else within earshot that you’re cool with God giving you an alternative route. No big deal, right? However, secretly you’re furiously flicking through your bible finding scriptures that look for another way, a better way, an easier WAY…oh, let’s just face it, a route, a way that we have decided we’re taking, thank you very much, God, rather than this alternative, substituted, long way round route that He believes is beneficial for our faith journey.     

On the flip side, you’ve decided you’re going to go along with this alternative route, believing that God has always liked taking the scenic route. You’re going to be brave, trust your gut and go with this alternative route because, you know, the whole ‘faith is a marathon and not a sprint’ mantra is God’s way. Right? You’re sure there are mountains to drive up and hairpin bends to experience that will give those good old character-building exercises God seems to relish in a good run for their money. Hmm, but what to pack for the journey ahead? 

Well, Proverbs 31:25 presents His daughters with a couple of garment options. Strength and dignity are a must for the trip, as the Maker Himself designs these made-to-measure couture pieces to wear. Yes, these all-season, all-purpose outfits of strength and dignity, will fit every one of our specific requirements and measurements for the adventure so that we can ‘smile at the future’ God planned for us. 

However, we can’t help but feel disappointed in all the ‘no’s’ we’ve encountered along the way toward our destination. Every re-routing was a result of the rejection and remorse we’ve felt. The stinging backlash we never thought we’d recover from has found us now in an I-don’t-know-the-next-step scary moment that slowly unearths a part of us we would rather forget. 

Each one of our perceived failures and mistakes, all the thanks but no thanks, please try just a little harder parts of the journey we’ve navigated so far, finding ourselves checking into heartbreak hotel, spending another sleepless night tossing and turning over in our minds about where to go from here, God gently guides us through each seemingly obtrusive obstacle and sorry setback, handing us back the clothes of strength and dignity to wear for the next part of our journey.

Each time we feel depleted, disappointed and despondent Jesus gently reminds us HE IS THE WAY and He’s leading us toward His peace and rest. Perhaps this alternative route is for the best, as it seems to be the only way we’ll discover places called breakthrough, improvement, rise, and step forward. You know, all those little towns that helped us to grow in our faith we would have missed if we hadn’t trusted God with an alternative route.  

If you’re reading this and you feel like God has sent you on an alternative route, don’t panic, you’re not going to miss the destination God has for you. Sure, it may take you a little longer to get to where you anticipated, but you know what, we still reach the same point God needs us to be at, and we do it God’s way rather than our way. 

An alternative route is accepting the fact we’re not in control, and let’s be honest, we never were in the first place because we can settle ourselves into this alternative route while wearing our cute little strength and dignity outfits, trusting God has gone before us. 

Sometimes when we lose our way we can lose ourselves, and God knows, an alternative route helps us to find who we are and Whose we are again. It helps us to stop going round and round in circles. It stops us from getting stuck in those same old places that we know are no good for us, as we take one step at a time, keeping our eyes fixed on the One who knows the directions.

Whether it’s a valley you need to go through or a mountaintop you need to climb up to, know that God’s alternative route will bring you to a destination called FREEDOM.

Because God sure doesn’t want you lost, held back, staying small, or stuck any longer, my friend. You can bet your wages that God’s alternative route will feel like the very, very long scenic route. However, it’s all going to work out so much better when we trust He is the only Way and we rely on Him completely.  

And ladies, let’s get real, the longer route will give us more time to try on those strength and dignity outfits God suggested we pack for the journey, right?! 

Wendy xo     

Where have you experienced a ‘no’ that led you on a God alternative route that worked out so much better than what you anticipated? 


Wendy Parker

Comments (2)

  1. SusanH
    February 2, 2024

    This is brilliant, Wendy. Thank you so much for the reminder that God has got this. He’s got us!

    • Wendy Parker
      February 6, 2024

      Oh, you are so welcome, Susan! x

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