You’re Better Than That

Pointing of the finger. You’re better than that.

Speaking wickedness. You’re better than that.

Gossip. You’re better than that.

Shake it off because.

You. Are. Better. Than. That.

Two women gossiping in studio (B&W)

Let’s just put something on the virtual table.

Sadly, I was heading in that direction a while ago until God showed me a Scripture that made me stop and consider what I was thinking about the people whom I proclaimed to love.

I had let my insecurities get the better of me.

I felt forgotten and abandoned. Wondering around in what felt like a desolate wasteland. My thoughts circled around in my head thinking that God had forsaken me. I was dissatisfied with the situation I found myself in.

Friend, have you ever felt like that?

You start to feel as though it’s your right to walk around with a sour attitude. After all, they deserve it, right?

Don’t be deceived.

The enemy of our souls so easily deceives us. He whispers that you are justified in your actions. That it’s your right to point the finger and speak wickedness about them.

He looks for the ‘chinks’ in your armour so he can shoot his poisonous arrows straight into the uncovered parts.

Arrowheads left festering can seep into your blood stream before you even realise it. Spreading the poison into healthy areas of your life.

you're better than that

But God is good.

And He showed me that I was better than that.

He led me to Isaiah 58 and showed me where I had to pull out those arrows, otherwise I wouldn’t be fit for the next part of my journey.

It says:

Take away the yoke from your mist.

The pointing of the finger.

And speaking wickedness. (Isaiah 58:9)


God was shining a light on my attitude and gently letting me know that having my own ‘pity party’ wasn’t going to be good for me.

God didn’t want me to let the enemy get a foothold (Ephesians 4:27) and claim ground that wasn’t his to own.

God was telling me to rise above the noise.

To let it be.

Because I was better than that.

you're better than that

Desolate wasteland.

God is a good Father and He sometimes strips things away for our benefit. We may not see or understand why He’s doing it, but He promises to satisfy your soul in the drought and He will strengthen your bones as you wait for the breakthrough.

We just have to trust Him while we are in the wasteland. If we keep a good attitude, He promises that we will be like a spring of water. (Isaiah 58:11)

A spring bubbles up fresh water. Water that people want to drink from. Water that produces life.

That means that the drought won’t last forever my friend!

You can take back the ground that the enemy wants to steal from you.

You can rise above it.

Because you’re better than that.

Wendy xo















Wendy Parker

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