When your cake becomes a pudding

In my family, we have this unwritten rule: If the cake you’ve baked has failed, it just becomes a pudding. Custard becomes a god-send. It covers the failed cake like a warm, yellow blanket your mum used to wrap around you when you grazed your knee. 

So let me ask you, my friend. In your life, when has your cake become a pudding? 

I mean, when have you stepped out or stepped up, only to see your plans sink like someone stuck a pin into your soufflé? 

When did that beautiful cake become a plain, old pudding? 

You followed the steps so what went wrong? 

Looking at that mess that resembles a cake you’re wondering what happened?!

Thought you were going well because you brought all the ingredients, followed the recipe, baked the cake at the right temperature, but still it failed.


Life can feel like that sometimes. We trusted God and followed every step but now we’re left with a sunken, misshaped cake that sits on the cooling tray reminding you how much you’ve failed.

You ask God, “I followed the recipe, God. What do I do now?” 

And He replies, “I’ll cover your cake and then I’ll turn it into a pudding.” 

If you let God into the mess and turn your disheveled, disorganised, disaster into a beautiful, sweet delight, that is covered with the blood He shed for you on the cross. You, my friend will see how God turns your failures around.  


The failures may have left you unable to speak, unable to utter the words of disappointment that have gnawed away at your faith like white ants in your soul. 

Believe me when I tell you, I know the weight of letting people down because you feel like you’ve failed. It can be overwhelming. They were looking forward to the cake you prepared, only to watch you reach for the custard trying to hide the mistake.

But, God reminds us that He has entered each tear that you’ve cried into His ledger and each ache has been written in His book, Psalm 56:8. No matter how many dysfunctional disasters you bake, God has all the custard you’ll ever need to cover them.

So chin up, open the cupboard and get the bowls out. 

Let your family know that cake was so last season. The new thing in 2019 is pudding!

Wendy xo 


Wendy Parker

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