What would you do if you weren’t afraid? – Stop waiting for the ducks to line up

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Maybe you can answer that question or maybe, you’re waiting for the ducks to line up before you step into what you’re called to be?

Did you ever play “stair jumping” with your brother or sister when you were young? It was a simple game because there was only one rule. After you had successfully jumped off one step on the stairs, you just kept moving up steps and jumping off them until you have reached the top of the staircase.

My sister and I only managed about half way up the stairs because: 1. The top step was definitely way too high for even a daring six and ten-year-old,  2. Our mum would always catch us in the act and give us another lecture, which always had the same words like: “Breaking legs” – “Hospital” – “Don’t be so stupid.”

 Mums. They always spoil your fun, right?!

Thankfully, my sister and I never did break anything, except our fall with stacks of cushions and pillows near the bottom step.


So, let me ask you again. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

When God answers our bold, audacious prayers and He calls us to step out in faith and to trust Him, we often respond with, “I’ll step out when the duck’s line up.”

Why are we daring in our prayers and not in our actions?

But, here’s the deal. We have to trust that God’s got this, because the ducks will never line up. Because in this life, you don’t have a row of ducks, you have rodents who like to party.

Trying to get your ducks in a row is hard, sometimes crazy and messed up. And yet, there God is in the middle of it all, helping you to be strong, brave and courageous.

I often wonder to myself. What ever happened to that daring little girl, who jumped off steps? The girl who ate dirt in the garden, cut the straps off summer sandals because they looked more “grown up,” and got into serious trouble because she was so mad with the injustice of her big sister getting to choose the ballerina bedroom furniture suite, she kicked her really hard in the shins. (Totally bravery, right there folks. Honestly, it took weeks for the lump to go down on her leg.)

The words, “being careful” have slowly seeped into my mind over the years, like a drop of coloured dye landing into a bucket of clear water.

The enemy likes to replay those memories of the times you failed over and over in your mind. He’s not out to completly stop you, he’s just wants to disable you to the point that you do nothing. The staircase God has asked you to jump from, looks like a million steps.


But, God doesn’t call you to where it’s safe, otherwise you wouldn’t have to lean on Him. If all the ducks were in a row, we’d have no need to trust God and believe He has got us with, His mighty hand and outstretched arm. Psalm 136:12

God isn’t asking you to jump off the top step and hope for the best, my friend, He just wants you to trust Him enough to take one step at a time. I think we can get so overwhelmed by every little detail in our calling, that we just stop altogether.

We cannot let the enemy hoodwink us into thinking that all the ducks have to be in row for us to move. Let those rodents have their party, but you keep your eyes fixed on God. He’ll let you know when it’s okay to jump!


Wendy xo


Wendy Parker

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