#Week 3 – How to turn your ‘meow’ into a ROAR!

Alright, who spotted it?

“What?” You’re asking innocently, as if butter wouldn’t melt…

The ‘elephant in the room’ on my post last week?

If you missed it completely well that’s definitely a good thing. Just don’t defiantly wag your index finger at me, tut tutting at my spelling mistake!

By the time I saw the mistake, it was too late.

And then I cringed.

And then a little part of me died on the inside.

“Oh no, everyone is going to see what a ‘blonde’ I am!”

But I felt God whisper to me, “Use your mistake to your advantage, instead of Satan using it for his advantage.”

Armor_Of_God_Helmet_std_t_nv                                  Armor_Of_God_Breastplate_std_t_nv



Armor_Of_God_Sword_std_t_nvArmor_Of_God_Shield_std_t_nvBefore Satan came in for the attack…

I felt the Helmet of Salvation fit snugly around my head as he started to look in his extensive collection for the ‘accusations & intimidation’ DVD which had worked on me so well before.

I slipped on the Shoes of the Gospel of Peace as he plugged in the surround sound speaker system.

I strapped on the Breastplate of Righteousness as he inserted the DVD into the player.

The Belt of Truth was buckled tight around my waist as he walked to his cosy chair.

And just when he sat down with his freshly made popcorn to enjoy the show, I felt the Shield of Faith rest on my arm.

And right before he grabbed the remote control with the big button that said PLAY on it, I held onto the Sword of the Spirit with my other hand.


                                  OH YES, THAT SATAN WAS CRUISIN FOR A BRUISIN! 


I thought about Paul, the writer of Ephesians 6 and imagined him in that dark, damp prison just before he wrote the passage. 

I could hear the accusations being thrown at him by the guards.

“Where is your Salvation now preacher?”

“You don’t look so Righteous in your iron fetters and shackles hey?”

“Do you really think your God will save you from this prison?”

The abuse would of taken its toll on Paul.

He probably struggled with some of the things they were saying.

I can hear him praying.

“Lord, help me in this place. I need your strength.”

And as he knelt on the cold prison floor, watching the guards ‘suit up’ for their days work a thought suddenly came to him.

He managed to get one of the guards attention. He wanted to ask him a question.


                                                        “Could I have some paper please?”


Even in Paul’s wildest dreams he would of never imagined that we still read today what he wrote in that prison cell so long ago.

And how Ephesians 6 helps so many of us who are in the fray with our enemy.


And it will do you no good dear BattleCat for me to spoon feed you on how to use God’s armour.

I want you to read/search/discover for yourself on how the armour works.

Because when you’ve read and soaked in Ephesians chapter 6 you will become empowered.

And that my friend is a truly beautiful thing.

Wendy xo





















Wendy Parker

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  1. Joshua Moore
    February 24, 2016

    Wendy it too obvious not to be noticed, I also thought that was the kind, of mistake I would make, “defiantly,” oops haha I mean definitely, through the week I’d thought about asking if you were awere of the mistake, however by Sunday I was much more interested, in when you started, i enjoy reading these weekly posts, I think that, That’s a blessing within itself sometimes, when you are asked a different question to the one you were dreading. and you don’t even know that a question different to the one you might worry about comes up. aargh The challenges and fears that get frown, our way don’t let any mistake in life and on the he blogs get you down….

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