We Will Not Be Silent

Storytelling is an important aspect of Old Testament life, as the stories that were told and retold helped to solidify beliefs and values from one generation to the next. Our stories remind others that we will not be silent about what we’ve been through. We will sing our song despite the trials and knockbacks.

But what if we’ve decided that our testimony, our song needed to be cleaned and sanitised before it got retold? What if we’re knowingly or unknowingly allowing our voices to get slowly restricted and muted because we feel like we haven’t got our act together, we’ve not cleaned ourselves up enough to tell others our testimony? What then? 

Acknowledging what God has done for us, narrating over and over again the story that He is worthy to receive all our praise and worship are the components found within the inner parts of your testimony, your song. And when we choose not to allow our voices to be silenced, the enemy’s tactics, and schemes in ensuring we are kept quiet hold no weight to them anymore.

Even though the enemy tries to contain and make God’s warriors voiceless, we have managed to rise above the ashes and find our songs regardless. A melody that echoes and reverberates what God has delivered us from and is leading us to.

The warrior within becomes ignited as we keep telling and retelling our stories to the generations of what God has brought us through, giving the devil’s plan of attack no legs to stand on, causing that slippery snake of old to give up, give back, and relinquish the ground he has stolen from us. Our song that is rising reminds the enemy that we are no longer running, we are no longer staying silent, for the turning of the tide has come and now he’s the one running.

 As true worshippers, we become intimate with Jesus in a way we didn’t experience before. Running from our past only fanned the flames that were fuelled by our guilt and shame. However, now the fire within is being fuelled by our awe and wonder of God’s divine rescue that has brought us out from the slavery of our past and into the freedom Jesus died for.

And yet, there is a danger we can leave out some of the not-so-great details in our story to make the notes in the song sound more like a great symphony rather than a song that resembles a cat’s chorus. A song we’re too ashamed to be heard. Specific memories that have left their marks on your precious, scarred heart that you’d rather not share with anyone, if you don’t mind.

I have to admit, while writing my testimony in my first book, Wounded And On The Run: How the Worst Pain Can Lead You into Your Greatest Calling, it felt like I was dousing myself with paraffin and then striking a match as it got nearer and nearer to its release date. My carefully crafted image and people’s perceived perceptions of me were about to get blown sky high after they’d read the truth within my story, and I realised that the stigma of my past may find me neck deep back in the ash pile I’d be trying to dig my way out of. I felt the enemy hiss into my ear after sharing my story, ‘After this little bombshell, there’ll be no rising for you, pathetic, little firebird. When people hear your truth, your testimony, your song, you’ll never get out of those ashes alive.’ 

All those incidents and accidents I’d experienced decades ago could mean that everyone wouldn’t hear my song rising, only the rattling of bones from all the skeletons in the cupboard I’d so desperately tried to keep silent. However, I knew if I wanted to help others to walk into the freedom Jesus died for, I needed to tell my story, warts, and all. And although it wasn’t pitch perfect, it was my story, truth, and song.

That’s the thing about our stories, we’ve spent so long running away from that monster that sits waiting underneath our beds, so many years trying to hide all the not-so-great details of what makes up the parts of our song, that we end up making up a fictitious fable that sounds far better than the truth. 

The thing is, God, didn’t want me to fabricate the details of my story, so it sounded pitch-perfect. He never asked me to polish up my song before He could use it to help others who were being bloodtrailed by the hunter, Satan. He didn’t want my song to impress to the point where people felt too unqualified, too flawed, too damaged, and too wounded to connect their story with mine. God needed me to become a warrior who will not be silenced, to become the guide that led others along the path back to His heart. 

What’s your song, dear Firebird? What’s the sound of your testimony the enemy has tried to silence? What has caused you to believe you’ll always stay in the ashes of your past, on mute, instead of rising fully into your destiny?

We will not be silent. And when we decide to not stay silent, when we choose to rise and sing our song with truth and honesty, our story connects with others and becomes a powerful weapon against the enemy’s lies. I don’t know about you, dear firebird, but I don’t want to live a life out of tune with the truth of who I am, of who God called me to be. I want my song to ring true. Because the only way we’re going to counteract the lies of the enemy is for others to hear the truth of our song.

We will not be silent my fellow firebird, and I know that your testimony, and through every single one of your not-so-great parts of your song, you will spread your wings and rise from the ashes of your past with confidence and soar into the fresh air of your freedom.

What’s your song, dear Firebird? What’s the sound of your testimony the enemy has tried to put on mute?

Wendy xo

Excerpts of this article are from Wendy’s new book, A Song Is Rising: Reigniting The Warrior Within. Published by Daughters of Love & Light.2023. [www.dollministries.com]


Wendy Parker

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