We Could Be​ Heroes: Hidden Barriers to true humility

None of us wants to seem egotistical or proud but the truth is you could be somebody’s hero. Somebody out there in the stratosphere is waiting for you — yes YOU, to stop making excuses and start walking in the greatness that you have full access to. Did you hear what I just said? FULL UNLIMITED ACCESS to the greatness that not even your wildest dreams could imagine! 


I can see that your misconceptions and assumptions are on high alert right now. The hidden barriers that have deceived you and placed limits on God’s all-sufficient grace. Hidden barriers that have stopped you and are now reminding you that you will not be going any further. Cling to “safe” that you know so well because to want more is to be prideful, it whispers to you. That’s false humility. True humility is knowing that God’s grace is what enables you to achieve greatness. And it’s not your greatness you walk in, it’s God’s. 

You have talents and gifts that the body of Christ needs, but if you let those hidden barriers hide who God made you to be, then you’ll be nobody’s hero, and that would be a sad existence indeed.   


Daniel, David, Moses, Esther, Joseph all achieved greatness, they were somebody’s hero, but they all walked in humility. Their setbacks couldn’t shake their belief that it was only God’s grace that helped them to achieve the calling on their lives.  

Wrong theology has sneaked in and told you that to live with humility is to suppress, lock up and hide your gifts until they lay dormant. Barriers have placed limits on what God can do in you and through you which stops you walking in God’s grace.

 Somebody is counting on you to be their hero, my friend. Matthew 5:16 says, ‘Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.’ 

When people see grace and greatness on your life, they will wonder where you’ve got it from. Your light has to shine so people SEE your good works and then they will know that the God you serve is REAL. God knows you could screw it all up, that’s why He gives us full, unlimited access to His all powerful all sufficient grace so we can fulfil the calling on our lives!

True humility says, “I can’t do this without you God. I need your grace covering me every step of the way.” Once we let God stretch and grow us into all that He has for us, we can walk with true humility knowing that it’s His greatness that’s on the inside of us. 

Like I’ve told you a bazillion times before, you’re a legend, my friend and now I hope I can add ‘Hero’ to that list of accolades.

Wendy xo  


Wendy Parker

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