Wash, Eat, Zoom, Repeat.

Staying motivated during isolation

In this pandemic, sweatpants, messy hair and no makeup seems to be the new normal. Like me, you’ve probably been looking forward to your next Zoom meeting just so you have an excuse to change your tee shirt. However, this season won’t last forever and even though you may feel like your life blurs from wash, eat, zoom, repeat the challenge is keeping yourself motivated and keeping your faith strong. So, I’m going to give you two stellar life hacks that will bring you from zero to hero in the motivational stats (and you don’t even need to figure out how to go on a Zoom meeting to do them).

So, let’s get you all fired up awesome warrior! Using my jujitsu word-power skills, I’m going to bust you out of that La—Z-Boy and make you turn off that Netflix show you’ve been binge watching for the last sixteen hours, and give you a couple of life hacks to keep you fighting fit and motivated. Believe me, this post will make you feel like the ant’s pants in the motivation section of your isolation! So, fearless warrior lets stand up, shake those arms in the air (like you really don’t care) and get proactive in motivation during this isolation.

LIFE HACK #1 ‘Get into the Word”

Life as a warrior in isolation may not feel like you’re in a war. Your routine of wash, eat, zoom, repeat can shut off your awareness making your senses dull and fuzzy. The battlefield in your own mind is seriously going on in isolation, and your enemy, Satan, would love nothing better than to fuel the flames of what’s going on inside that purdy little head of yours. He’ll make sure those embers of depression, anxiety and apathy you’ve been feeling have the fuel to keep those little spot fires alive, crushing any motivation you’ve managed to conjure up.

Psalm 91 is known as the soldier’s prayer because it was read often to help boost the morale of the troops. It is a beautiful Psalm that captures the protective nature of God, who sends a heavenly host to protect us even when we don’t think we are in any danger. Anxious thoughts and overthinking can take over our minds as we wash, eat, zoom, repeat, until we pause and read this Psalm. ‘A thousand may fall on your left, ten thousand may die on your right, but these horrors won’t come near you…for you made the Eternal [your] refuge, the Most High your only home. No evil will come to you; plagues will be turned away at your door.’ Psalm 91 verses 7 and 9 [The Voice Bible]

 Wash, eat, zoom, repeat is on spin cycle in your brain right now and it’s easy to get blindsided by the enemy, feeding into the lie that this will be your life for the next ten years, making you go completely doo-dally. This is the reason why you need to get into God’s Word daily and feed off how God sees you dear warrior. FYI, He’s totally into you! 

Life hack #2 ‘Dance like there’s no one watching’

It’s amazing how blasting some Praise and Worship music through your speakers or in your headphones can really blow out those unmotivated cobwebs. It takes the focus off us and back onto God which is where every good warrior’s thinking should be. This keeps away that pesky menace, Satan, from even daring to invade your headspace. I’ve had some really powerful moments listening to worship music. It’s a great space to get into God’s presence and really feel His heartbeat.    

So dear warrior, life can feel like wash, eat, zoom, repeat at the moment but you can be killin’ it during this isolation and get seriously motivated! So, get off that couch, lace up those boots, get some Word of God in ya and dance like no one’s watching.      

Come on warrior! Be.Freaking.Awesome and get motivated!  

Wendy xo


Wendy Parker

Comments (2)

  1. Chrissy )i(
    August 3, 2020

    Hi Wendy
    I came to this post at just the right time. Thanks for the hacks )i(

    • Wendy Parker
      August 3, 2020

      You’re welcome, Chrissy!

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