Unable To Contain It

An expectancy for more

Are you expecting more than your current situation? Do you hold a dream in your heart that you are unable to contain any longer? What would it take to step into the promise God gave to you?  Willpower and determination will get you so far, but unless you believe and expect for more, your faith will stay small and you’ll play it safe. And playing it safe will slowly suck the passion and joy from your soul. 

In Matthew 9:27-31 we read about two blind men. “As Jesus left the house, two blind men began following him, shouting out over and over, “Son of David, show us mercy and heal us!” And they followed him right into the house where Jesus was staying. So, Jesus asked them, “Do you believe that I have the power to restore sight to your eyes?” The replied, “Yes Lord, we believe!” Then Jesus put his hands over their eyes and said, “You will have what your faith expects!” And instantly their eyes were opened – they could see! Then Jesus warned them sternly, “Make sure that you tell no one what just happened!” But unable to contain themselves, they went out and spread the news everywhere!


Verse 27 starts with, ‘The two blind men began following him.’ If you want to know the reason why you were put on this blue planet, then you need to stop blindly following anyone and anything and start following the right people. Jesus is a really good place to start.


When you start to follow Jesus, you want to be following him right into the house where he’s staying. Church is called God’s House, and as you spend time with him in his home, you’ll start to see a little bit better why you have the dreams in your heart that you’ve been hiding and he’ll open your eyes to the gifts and talents he’s placed on you for the purpose he has for you.


Over time your faith will grow, and you will start to trust God more and more. You’ll hang around people who’ll build up your faith and point you to Jesus which will help you to see more clearly the dreams you have deep in your heart and you’ll start having an expectancy to see more.


The two blind men’s faith said that they believed Jesus could help them to see and they were expectant for more. They were blind but now they could see! When the scales come off your eyes and you see why you had those dreams, why you had those talents and why you had those gifts, you won’t be able to contain it. Like the two blind men, you’ll want to spread the news everywhere.

So, stop living a tidy, boring life and start living! Life is far, far too short to keep yourself small and live with the play-it -safer’s. If you want to make a difference and you’re tired of blindly walking around not knowing which direction to go, follow Jesus, get into God’s House, have a faith that has an expectancy for more. Because believe me, when you can see clearly what you were made for, you won’t be able to contain your joy and you’ll want to spread the good news everywhere!

Wendy xo

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Wendy Parker

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  1. M&D
    April 17, 2020

    I t has worked for you Wendy .

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