Pitch Perfect

Have you noticed that over the past few years we have all become obsessed with singing movies and TV shows?

Pitch Perfect, High School Musical, Glee, La La Land and The Greatest Showman are just the tip of a very musical iceberg. 

Wouldn’t life be peachy if after just a few notes and a dance routine, our lives would be perfect too? 

Eric Morcombe, the english comedian, once did a sketch with the conductor, André Previn. Eric, started playing the piano leaving Andre confused. He tells Eric that he’s playing all the wrong notes. Eric grabs André by the collar and replies, “I’m playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order.” 

Sometimes in life, we feel like we’re playing all the wrong notes. We are so desperate for our lives to be pitch perfect. But the reality is that it feels more like a Morcombe and Wise comedy sketch than a perfectly tuned song. 

Don’t beat yourself up. I think God loves it when we’re playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order. 

C.S. Lewis once said that a piano does not have two kinds of notes on it, the ‘right’ ones and the ‘wrong’ ones. Every single note is right at one time and wrong at another.

So, what about your life? Have you judged yourself into silence? Is the enemy feeding those thoughts by reminding you of all the ‘wrong’ notes that you’ve played over your lifetime?  

If you look back over the ‘notes’ that make up the song sheet of your life, you’ll find that every single note is ‘right’ as far as God is concerned.

Like the piano, C.S. Lewis describes, there are no ‘wrong’ notes when it comes to the purpose and plan God has mapped out for you.  

Eric Morcombe got it right. You have been playing all the right notes, but they haven’t necessarily been in the right order.

You just need to put your hand on God’s heart and listen to the beats. Let Him direct the words and music, instead of the enemy.

Free yourself from having to figure out all the right notes and let God conduct the musical of your life.

Let your life speak out all the right notes because they don’t have to be in the right order for God to use you.

Relax. God isn’t looking for pitch perfect Christian’s. Just the ones who are willing to listen to His heart beat and hum along to the tune!

Wendy xo  


Wendy Parker

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  1. M&D
    January 10, 2019

    worth waiting for

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