Try screaming to calm your nerves

It’s said, that if you hate roller coaster rides the trick is to try screaming to calm your nerves. Oh yes, that makes complete sense. Playing it like your all rock n’ roll while your internal organs feel the G force as you plummet 240 km/h into oblivion! 

Doesn’t life feel like that sometimes? All you want to do is start screaming to calm your nerves because you’ve  realised that the ‘adventure ride’ you so happily prayed for is way too scary and you just want to get off?  

I did a scary thing this week. No, I didn’t go on a roller coaster. I started an online Theology degree. Crazy huh?  

I felt like a nervous kid, standing in the queue at the theme park listening to the screams of the thrill seekers, wondering whether I really wanted to get on this ride or not. Maybe if I tried screaming it would calm my nerves?    


What about you? Have you ever signed yourself up for something that’s out of your comfort zone? Something that you know God wants you to do, something you’ve prayed about but you’re still theorising and pondering on whether it’s the right way to go?  

You’ve gone through all the excuses with God. Comparing  yourself on the height chart with everyone else in the line, believing that you just don’t measure up for this thrill ride. 

Talking yourself in and out of ‘giving it a go’ as you move ever closer to the point of no return, knowing full well that you certainly don’t meet all the requirements that’s stated on the sign to even have a seat on the best ride in the theme park. 


You wonder, as you get on the ride and slowly start to climb the ascent, if screaming would help calm your nerves? But you’re afraid that if you open your mouth too wide, the remains of your breakfast that’s been churning around in your stomach since you got on, would unceremoniously come out onto the person in front of you. 

Before you reach the tipping point, you open your eyes and notice that you can see the whole theme park from this height. An overall view of everything that’s on offer. 

Glancing to the side, it is then that you realise that you’re not alone on this ride. There is Someone else sitting in the seat next to you. He looks relaxed as He turns to you and whispers, “I’m so glad you decided to get on this ride. It’s going to be fun.” 

You want to ask Him, if you did try screaming would it calm your nerves? But He gives you a wink and a smile that tells you, you’ve got this. The way He’s grinning at you makes you feel calm and relaxed without having to do all that loud silly screaming.  

Then it happens. You’re experiencing the thrill of the ride. The tight corners and the loop da loops of this adventure are exciting and new. You want to shut your eyes again, but He shouts over the thunder and roar of the rattling carriages, to fix your eyes on the goal. 

And it’s there in that moment, Philippians 3:14 scrolls though your mind, ‘Friends, don’t get me wrong: by no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I’ve got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward-to Jesus. I’m off and running, and I’m not turning back.’

 Suddenly, you feel a courage that you didn’t know you had. The ache in your soul that you’ve felt for a lifetime before you embarked on this ride is no longer there. You are doing this scary thing and you’re loving it!  

 The scoffers and naysayers will judge you, reminding you that you should have probably stayed on the calm, gentle teacup ride where it’s safer. Going round and around is a lot less scary than a huge roller coaster ride with all its dips and turns you didn’t see coming. 

Before the ride of your life, you probably would have agreed with them. But now, through your new found bravery, you’re polite in your answer as you gently remind them that you’re sick of going round and around all the time and never getting anywhere. You’re done with the kiddy teacup ride. God is beckoning you onward to the big dipper, and He’s asking you to fix your eyes on the goal. 

You let those play-it-safers know, that once you’ve experienced the thrill of the roller coaster ride with Jesus, there’s no turning back!

Wendy xo  


Wendy Parker

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