The Unseen Hero

The Unseen Hero.

Have you ever felt like you’ve been left out, looked over, under valued or just plain old ignored?

Me too.

And when that happens I struggle with knowing my true identity.

If we’re honest with ourselves and decide not to reach for the familiar, “It doesn’t really bother me” mask.

We can push through those negative emotions of feeling left out to help us grow deeper with God.

the unseen hero


Because it’s in those ‘wilderness moments’ that God takes the opportunity to draw us closer to Him.

King David was one of the greatest, most well known hero’s of the Bible.

His resume is a pretty impressive read.

But did you know right before his biggest breakthrough he was a harp player?


David’s gifting landed him in the presence of a King.

King Saul loved David’s harp playing so much that it says in,

1 Samuel chapter 16:21 that he, ‘…loved him greatly, and he became his armour bearer.’


David must have played that harp like a boss.

So now he’s in.

The King thinks he’s awesome and it’s high – fives all round.

But the path to David becoming the next King of Israel was about to take a sharp left turn.

It says in 1 Samuel chapter 17 that David occasionally returned home to feed his father’s sheep.

Hold up.

In the chapter before didn’t it say that David was King Saul’s armour bearer?

So why has David been sent home to feed his father’s sheep when there’s a battle on?

Left out?

Looked over?

Under valued?

Plain old ignored?


But one of God’s names is El Roi, which means the God who sees.

When you feel like jumping up and down in front of people like annoying Donkey out of Shrek saying,

“Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!”

Remember God ‘sees’ you even when you think nobody is paying attention to your gifting,  talents or burning passion about something.

Finally Jesse, (David’s dad) sends David to the battle.

All right, now we’re talking!

Oh, did you think King Saul suddenly realized that his armour bearer wasn’t with him and gave Jesse a call on his mobile to send for David?

No he didn’t.

Because he probably didn’t have Jesse’s phone number.

So here’s the kicker deal for David.

He was sent to the battle by his dad to give his older brothers some food.

Yup, David was like the pizza delivery boy for his family.

You know what that feels like, right?

You are asked to be part of something big. You get all excited and think, ‘Great! They have finally recognised my talent and gifting!!’ Only to discover they just want you to hand out the sandwiches while the ‘others’ get to do cool stuff.

So David being a good boy, smiles and waves and takes the food to his brothers.

When he reaches the battlefield he listens to the soldiers talk about a champion Philistine named Goliath who has been all up in their faces about how fantastic he is and how so much

BIGGER  he was.

Know this.

Right before you have a breakthrough, Satan will always show you how BIG your problem is.

fontcandy 4


And he will use the ‘Goliath’ in your life to try and intimidate you from stepping into the destiny God has planned for you.

But David saw Goliath for who he truly was. A big bully.

“For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?” – 1 Samuel 17:26

David was confident in who he was and who his God was.

….Then David put his hand in his bag and took out a stone; and he slung it and struck the Philistine in his forehead – 1 Samuel 17:49


Someone call the five –o we got a man down!

The Harp player/ Sheep feeder just killed Goliath???

Like. a. boss. (sassy finger snap)

David was a Hero.

And eventually he became the next King of Israel.


So when you feel,

Left out, looked over, under valued or just plain old ignored.

Re – read 1 Samuel chapter 17 and you will know that God is,

El Roi – the God who ‘sees’ an Unseen Hero in you.

Wendy xo








Wendy Parker

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