Run Baby Run

It’s like you sense them coming before you see them

You watch the slow walkers jump into hedgerows

Located at the side of the track as they move out of the way

Of the

Run baby run people

Young fathers pushing a cool, all-terrain stroller

With an, oh so cute baby inside

Coming up behind you in their Nike’s

Which are barely touching the concrete because of their speed

Whizzing past you in a blur of breathable cotton material

As their calf’s

Which are the size of their arms

Flex up and down

Heading for the coffee shop

After their 15km run

With their little one

To get their wife

Who is probably in bed, just recovering from a C- Section

A skinny Frappuccino

And a gluten free, cinnamon bun

Well played, father of the year, well played



And as I watch

Them run

The feeling of intimidation

Washes over me


I’m the sort of person who

Needs to lie in my bath

After running it for 10 minutes


That’s a joke, people

But seriously,

Life can feel like that, can’t it?

We try and run our race

Doing the best, we can

And there’s always someone





Running straight past you

Hebrews 12 reminds us

That we need to run with endurance

And active persistence

The race that is set before us

Hear that?


Not the father with the stroller that looks like

It came out of a four-wheel drive commercial

Rather than Baby Target

The only person we need to fix our eyes on when we’re running

Is Jesus

The Author and Perfecter of our Faith


When the track becomes steep

And slippery

When the rain sets in

And the wind is blowing in your face

You need to keep running


When you see, everyone whizzing past you

Just stay in your lane


When you hit the pain barrier

Don’t stop or turn back

Because the Christian life isn’t a sprint

It’s a marathon

And Jesus is at the start line

And He’ll be waiting for you at the finish line too

As you cross over and hear the words

“Well done, good and faithful servant”

Please, please

Don’t give up!

Keep running the race which is set before YOU



My friend

You were born to run


Run baby Run!


Wendy xo








Wendy Parker

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