What remains – Decluttering your soul

I’m currently in the process of decluttering my house

“Minimalist” is the new word in my family

Honestly, I hate clutter

But my clearing out has now gone to a

Whole. Other. Level.

I only have what remains

And it really feels quite liberating!

I have a sense of space and freedom now

That I never felt before

Believe it or not

Now that I only have a few clothes in my closet

It makes choosing what to wear in the morning

So much easier


And then I thought

What if we decluttered our souls in our Christian journey?

You know, minimalizing everything down to what’s really important to us

And getting rid of the clutter that weighs our journey down

Maybe God has asked you to “clear out” a few things from your life

To see what remains


Revelation 3:2 reminds us to, “Wake up! Strengthen what remains…”

We need to start focusing on what’s important

And strengthen what remains

We need to ask ourselves

Does it hold any value to me anymore?


Do I love doing it?


You need to get honest with yourself

And with God

Because you’ll never become all that God wants you to be

If your Christian walk is cluttered up with “stuff”

And if you’re brave enough to go through with it

What remains may very well

Look like a vast space that you’ll want to fill again

With activities, obligations and other people’s expectations

But this is where the strength comes in

Because to live simply and honestly before God

Takes courage

All the clutter would have gone

And in its place clarity

To prioritize what’s truly important to you

So, be bold

Be specific

Be prepared

Because maybe what remains in you

Is the very thing that God wants to use to bless others


Wendy xo








Wendy Parker

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