Patient Pestilence.

Thanks for dropping by on week three of my THE WORM THAT HAS TO TURN four-part series! If you’ve missed part one and two don’t worry, I’ll just wait here patiently until you’ve checked out week’s one and two and caught up with the rest of the tribe…

*Hold the line music starts*

Patience, it can be a challenge. The simplistic act of waiting can prove to be very hard for the impatient among us. Living in a generation that wants everything now, patience has become a lost art.

However, patience is probably Satan’s most effective weapon against you. The slippery slope to your destruction is a slow and gradual one that hardly gets noticed until those worms have eaten their way through your finances, marriage, dreams and relationships. Those patient pestilences will wait until the right opportune moment to begin their damage. 

Let’s read the key verse for this series in the book of Joel again.  

“…Their army is strong; their numbers cannot be counted. They attack with teeth as sharp as a lion’s; they bear their fangs like a lioness. My vines are ruined. My fig trees are reduced to stumps now. These enemy insects have stripped off the bark and tossed My trees aside like refuse. The branches lie bare, broken and white.” Joel 1: 6-7 (The Voice)

Pestilence waits until you’ve turned the soil, planted the dream, watered the marriage or built up your relationships with your friends. Patient pestilence will let all that grow until the time is right. Satan holds the worms back just long enough for you to start to trust what God said about you is true. That the promises God gave you will come to pass. Satan will patiently wait and wait and wait. Then he’ll release the great army of pestilence with teeth as sharp as a lion’s into your dreams, marriage and relationships. They won’t give up or give in until they’ve gnawed their way through everything. 

So how do you stop these patient pestilences? You play Satan at his own game. Patience! 

Patience can become your most effective weapon too so you can counteract Satan’s attacks. You need as much if not more patience to stand and fight those pesky pestilences. 

Psalm 27:14 ‘Here’s what I’ve learned through it all: Don’t give up; don’t be impatient; be entwined with the Lord. Be brave and courageous, and never lost hope. Yes, keep on waiting – for he will never disappoint you.’ 

Trust God and lean on Him for patience. Learn things.  Unity with God stops worms in their tracks and it builds a strong, unbreakable bond that no worm can destroy because it’s in the waiting that you’ll really grow! 

Wendy xo 


Wendy Parker

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