It’s OK Jesus, I’ll take it from here

I’ll let you on a little secret

Saviour to the world, isn’t in your job title as a believer



Because when you take on that role

It’s saying, “It’s OK Jesus, I’ll take it from here”

Let me tell you a story…

Driving along our street to reach our house

We saw a lost dog wondering around

After pulling into our driveway and bringing in our shopping bags

A knock came at our front door

It was a woman carrying the lost dog

“I found this dog in the street and I’ve left my car running,”

She said, putting the dog down on my driveway

“That’s not my dog,” I replied

“But my car is over there, and I’ve left it running!” she stated again

Which was code for: “This dog is now your problem”

Then she said, “Well, can you sort it out?”

This was more of a command than a question

I said to her, (real sassy), “Why do I have to sort it out?”

Seriously, that was brave for me

Then I said to her

“Because correct me if I’m wrong lady, I didn’t realise that I’d just signed up as the local dog warden!”

(I didn’t say that, I’m not that brave)

When the woman realised I wasn’t going to jump to her command, she said

“Oh, far out!” and legged it back down my driveway, leaving the lost dog behind

The bewildered look on the dog’s face was the last thing I saw

Just before I opened my handbag

And produced my superhero cape

My husband closed the front door

Saving me from spending the whole afternoon looking for the dog’s owner

(Which of course, I would have)


Now, I know what you’re all thinking

How could you just close the door on the poor dog?

Honestly, if you live in our village for any length of time

You’ll know that a lost dog wonders up driveways quite often

And the lost dog usually finds their way home eventually

(Our village is really not that large)

So, who’s responsible for the lost dog?

This question got me thinking…

As believer’s,  do we take on the full responsibility of saving someone?

Like me, do you have to stop yourself from getting out your superhero cape

And becoming someone’s Saviour?

We are really good at taking on a burden, which isn’t ours to carry

And if you’re a “fixer” like me

You’re really saying

“It’s OK Jesus, I’ll take it from here”

Now, I’m not saying that lost people are like lost dogs

Sheesh, far from it

And, don’t get me wrong, we do have a responsibility to help the lost become found

But when you say to yourself, “It’s OK Jesus, I’ll take it from here”

It’s not good, my friend

Unfortunaly, we don’t have a big enough capacity in our hearts to take on the burden as someone’s Saviour

Jesus says in Matthew 11:30, “For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.”

If the word, “Saviour” creeps into your Christian job title

Then it isn’t from God

Let me just liberate you from that burden right now

Jesus never called us to become someone’s Saviour

That’s His job

We are called to be signposts that point to the only one, true Saviour – JESUS

Our Christian walk will have moments where people will dump a lost dog on our driveway

Because they’ve, “left their car running”

Which is code for: “I’m too busy, you sort this one out”

But we aren’t the ones who save and rescue the lost

We are just the signposts, pointing the lost in the right direction

Jesus took on that job when He came down from Heaven

And died on a wooden cross

Because He’s the only One who has the scars in His hands and feet

That qualifies Him for the title, “Saviour”


Wendy xo







Wendy Parker

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