Now You See Me

You’ve probably seen the 2013 movie, ‘Now you see me’

If not, here is the story

The plot is about a FBI agent and an Interpol detective, who track a team of illusionists who rob banks during their shows and give the audience the money.

It’s pretty clever how they pull it all off

But there is a line in the ‘Now you see me’ movie that struck me

“The closer you are, the less you’ll actually see”

Have you ever been so close to something in your life, that you don’t see what God is trying to show you?

As I shared in last week’s post Pressure to Perform, whatever I had put my value, worth and identity in – God stripped away

Because He needed me to ‘see’ something that He was trying to show me

And unless I was stripped of stuff and took a step back, I wasn’t going to see it

Remember those Magic Eye images, we were all fascinated by when they first came out?

We found ourselves putting our nose to an image of squiggly shapes and slowly pulling it away from our faces, until our eyes resembled the cast of The Walking Dead



I see it!!


I was privileged to be asked last Christmas to be the Writer and Director of our Church’s first Christmas Production.

My team did a fantastic job, even though most of them had never done anything like that before

The costumes, music, scenery and dancing were all amazing

But the thing that has stuck with me the most, is that my team treated me like a Writer/Director

They could ‘see me’

Right from the start of rehearsals, I truly believed in all of the team

And they believed in me

To see the Script God had birthed in my heart be performed on stage. A living, breathing creative way of showing people of how much God loves them

Blew. Me.  Away.

Through their honour and respect of what needed to be accomplished, my team were telling me

“Now we see you, Wendy”

I’ll share more on that story in next week’s post =)


I am blessed with the gift to be able to write stories

And I want to be a blessing to others

That’s why I created this Blog

I didn’t start it so you could enjoy reading my thoughts and stories

Or laugh at my witty repartee’s

You do laugh at my witty repartee’s. Right?

I created this Blog Page for you, dear friend

Because now I see you

And you see me

Our commitment for this coming year is to ‘RISE’ together

But we have to start at the foundation

And for you

Maybe that means taking a step back from something

For you to RISE

Stronger and braver than before

I found a great quote by Charles Dickens that sums up exactly what my vision is for this year for both of us, my friend

‘The Sun himself is weak when he first rises, and gathers strength and courage as the day gets on.’



As you begin to RISE you will gather strength and courage

If you walk closely with God

It will be HIS strength that helps you to RISE

His presence, love and grace will sustain you as you start stepping  away from things

Remember dear friend

“The closer you are, the less you’ll actually see”

Psalm 37:7 says, ‘Be still. Be patient. Expect the Eternal to arrive and set things right. Don’t get upset when you see the worldly ones rising up the ladder. Don’t be bothered by those who are anchored in wicked ways.’ (The Voice Bible)

For me, it was hard stepping back from some things

When I was seeing people rise up the ladder

But if you’ve got your ladder leaning against the wrong wall

It’s not going to end well

Believe me

I’ve been there –  got the T-shirt

So God is asking you to

Just be






Wendy xo

Ps. Did you ‘see’ the heart?







Wendy Parker

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